Shania Twain

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Shania Twain or birth name, Eileen Regina Edwards was born on August 28 of 1965 in the small town of Windsor Ontario, Canada. She was raised in another town just out side of Windsor Ontario called Timmins. She was raced by her single mother ,Sharon, and later her step father, Gerald Twain.

Gerald Twain had a band that would perform in local bars and fairs when Shania was 10. He was the reason Shania developed a passion for singing. There was nothing more she loved to do but go up on stage in front of people and sing, even when she was 10.

Shania has a lot of siblings she has her two sisters and her 2 brothers, but her two sisters,

Jill and Carrie Ann are her only siblings that are fully related to her. When her mother married Gerald Twain they had a son named Mark Twain and they adopted Gerald's baby nephew, Darryl, after Darryl's mother died.

A star in the making

Shania changed her name from Eileen to Shania because, Shania is an Indian word witch means "I'm on my way". In high school Shania stared on Canadian Television, but in the year of 1987 both her parents died in a car accident leaving Shania to take care of all her younger siblings on her own. In order to make money to support them, she would sing in resorts or local fairs, really any place that would take her.

After Graduating from high school and having all her siblings move out, Shania was egar to expand her musical talents. So Shania got with a band called Flirt in the early 80s and was taught how to play guitar and help her with singing range. In 1984 her talents were noticed by Toronto DJ Stan Campbell who wrote about her in a Country Music News article: "Eileen possesses a powerful voice with an impressive range. She has the necessary drive, ambition and positive attitude to achieve her goals".

Later she meet a man named Campbell who helped her with her recording demo in Nashville, Tennessee. There she meet people that helped her eventually get to her most popular album, "The woman in me", and ended up being a big hit in the 90s.

Personal Life

One of the people she meet on her road to success was a man named Robert Lange or "Mutt" who worked also in the music business but was in a metal rock band named AC/DC. They got married in 1993 and eventually had a son together named Eja, but currently she is divorced and is now married to a man named Frédéric. They married in Porto Rico, January 1, 2011.

Together Shania and Frederic live together with their son Eja

Why is Shania Twian my insporation? :)

Shania Twain is my inspiration because even when times got hard she kept going. This is all through her life, when she was younger and had to take on a motherly roll for her younger siblings and when her Mutt and Shania got a divorce and she had to take care of Eja and her country singing career. Even more so now that she was not a real big hit once 2000 came around, she is trying to make a big come back currently and I can't wait to see what amazing thing she will do next.