Deborah Alessi

Deborah Alessi-A Pillar Of Hope To Victims Of Violence

Violence does not only have physical effects on individuals but also has great effects on the mental well up of any individual. This is due to the reason that the trauma that comes about after someone falls victim to violence, serves as a painful reminder of the ordeal. This eventually makes it quite hard for a victim to be able to focus on the positive side of life with the aim of being able to overcome the stress that comes about with violence. After violence, it is important that the healing process should start right away to prevent an eventuality of extensive mental damage on the victim.

Research has showed that at least one in every three women has suffered physical abuse either from gang related issues or domestic violence. This translates to not less than 1/3 of all women all over the world having suffered both physically and psychologically at one point in their lives. In the quest to lower the total number of victims of violence, it has been quite important to ensure that treatment of those affected comes hand in hand. This is very important in that it has greatly helped in ensuring that there is awareness about violence and its effects on victims.

Deborah Alessi has been able to rise from the pangs of violence and its torment to a point whereby she has been a pillar of support and hope to victims of violence. The main reason as to why she has been very effective and successful in her quest at Face Forward is due to the reason that she understands what violence is. This understanding is mainly based from having had first hand experience in violence and hurdles that face victim of violence in their quest to rise up in their lives.

Commonly, women and children are the main victims of violence and as such they require proper care and address of their situations. This is due to the reason that treatment of violence scars and emotions is quite sensitive and as such should be handled with great care. This is so that victims are able to know how to overcome and manage the stress that comes about while trying to move on with life after suffering violence. There are even times when there is usually need for the victim to move to a new environment so that he/she can be able to heal her wounds( both physical and emotional wounds ) with great ease.

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