End of Year Reading Updates

Summer Sendoff

School's Out For Summer! But.....

I hope you all have a summer full of fun and relaxation! When you start to miss us, feel free to check out the professional development opportunities and curriculum updates below!

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Together We Learn Recommended Sessions:

Although listed as an elementary session, these will be excellent sessions for 6-8 Reading teachers, and are facilitated by American Reading Company Coaches:

  • 2666 Giving Students the Power to Grow Using IRLA
  • 2667 What's the Point of Points in IRLA
  • 2664 Advanced Phonics: Decoding Multisyllabic Words (for those of you with a large percentage of students reading in Red and below)

Although listed as an elementary session, this will be an awesome session for any teacher of Reading to attend! Click on Freddy Hiebert to read all about this amazing speaker. Freddy Hiebert is a distinguished author, researcher, and professor. Please click here for more information about her sessions at TWL

  • 2671 At the Heart of Words are Ideas with Freddy Hiebert

Wanting to add more engagement to your lessons?

  • 2754 Philosophical Chairs: More than a Debate: This course is facilitated by one of you awesome high school reading teachers, Lisa Collins

*Find All Sessions Here

2019-20 Accelerated Literacy Kickoff August 7th

PLEASE plan to attend both the kickoff session for your grade level (middle or high) and one Zinc Learning Labs session. Zinc is a new digital resource that will offer additional fiction and non-fiction texts, SAT/ACT support, close reading lessons, and vocabulary instruction. You can choose from any of the Zinc sessions offered. Sessions will be held at district in building 2 in the following rooms:

Curriculum Updates for 2019-20!

Accelerated Literacy Updates:

  • Guiding Questions and Tasks have been added to each text set in the quarterly units
  • Additional texts have been added where applicable, including texts in Zinc (a new digital resource we will have access to next year).
  • Vocabulary sets have been added for some texts that you can assign through Zinc.
  • SEL and UDL connections are linked to each quarterly unit so we can make natural connections as we read and discuss.

Research Update:

  • Discussion boards for each research unit topic have been added, so you can share resources that have helped you in your planning and so that you can collaborate across the district.

If you'd like to take a walk through the learning network to see where the changes are, please click on the following link to access a short video:

Accelerated Literacy 6-8

Accelerated Literacy 9-12


Evette Striblen

I hope you all enjoy some great summer reads! Don't forget to join our summer contest and share your great reads on twitter with #PascoSummerReads!