red cross

So, do you think the red cross Australia is helpful?

(A). Yes (B).No

In my opinion, they are very helpful but unfortunately I can't donate any money because I'm not the kind of person who has eough money to donate, but I'm the kind of man who doesn't have much time to go to the charity. I wouldn't be able to believe how depressing the people who aregoing to be if red cross does not do their jobs anymore.I think think more people should donate and so does the red cross Australia, but I don't blame them, they have already done so much for others, it will be way to much for them to do it with their own money.Even if you think a little bit goes to the people who do the job, but they get every single cent that was donated to them and give it to the poor, or use it to develop their equipments, for saving lives and doing project/missions for example, helping getting rid of the ebola virus.