Giving Back to the Community

By: Antoinette Adams

Top 10 Reasons for Giving Back to the Community

This website talks about how giving back to the community is important and how helping others is important. The website also talks about how giving back is good for the earth and others.

The Importance of Giving Back to the Community

This article talks about how we go places and receive things but we don't think about what would happen if we didn't have technology, a place to eat, or clothing. So this website talks about how giving back can keep the world healthy.

The Importance of Community Service for Your Business

Some major reasons for giving back to the community is that helps bring people together and save the world. Corporations find it important to establish ways of helping the community because it can help their business.

Companies make Commmunity Service Business as Usual

Michael Porter and Mark Kramer created a book that created economic value in a way that also creates social value, we are now seeing a growing number of companies step up to turn that vision into reality. Also they helped businesses to give back.

Community: Creating Pathways to Opportunity

This video talks about how in Philadelphia, PA a women wants to give back to the community. She teamed up with Youthbuild and Starbucks to help young people become more involved in community service.

Supporting employee engagement

This article talks about how Bank of America Volunteers help make an impact in local neighborhoods through their passion, time, and expertise. It also talks about how employees have volunteered at places and helped people in the community

Larry H. Miller employees give back to the community

This news article talks about how nearly 2,000 employees volunteered in communities across the state during the event, which honors the late Larry H. Miller on his birthday. Larry Miller supported giving back in the communities.

Military Bowl is giving back to the community

This article talks about Military Bowl is buying a 290-acre property on the Eastern Shore of Maryland as a retreat for military troops. Returning and wounded veterans, along with their caretakers will be allowed to go to the Bowl to fish, hunt, etc.

Ideas on Giving Back to the Community

You can give back to the community by donating blood, helping the homeless, working at food pantries, or even just getting a group of friends together and picking up around the neighborhood.
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Programs that Rely on Volunteers

The boys & girls club

March of Dimes

Cornerstone Service Inc.

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Community- A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

Volunteers- A person who voluntarily offers himself or herself for a service or undertaking.

Unite- Come or bring together for a common purpose or action.

Team- C

ome together as a team to achieve a common goal.

Non-profit- not making or conducted primarily to make a profit.