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Mrs. Knueven's Classroom Newsletter

Upcoming Events

5/20 Wordly Wise 16 Test

5/20 WTW Quiz

5/20 Field Day

5/23 Unit 10 Math Test

5/24 Unit 6, Lessons 4-7 Indiana History Test **new date**

5/25 Graduation Practice

5/25 Kokomo Beach Day

5/25 Yearbook Signing

5/26 4th Grade Graduation @ 9:45

5/26 Kona Ice

5/26 Final Dance Through the Halls

5/26 Last Day of School

Have a wonderful summer!

Curriculum Corner

Language Arts

Wordly Wise: 16 C&D due Thursday, test Friday

WTW: Quiz Friday

Grammar: We will practice doing level 3 analysis this week. This includes all parts of speech, parts of the sentence, and phrases.

Reading: Next year is Indiana's Bicentennial Birthday Celebration. As part of that, there is a time capsule being created for Boone County that will be opened in 100 years. They have requested letters and drawings from 4th grade students predicting what Boone County, Indiana will be like in the year 2116. These will be compiled in a book and put in the time capsule. Students will be working on these this week. It is hard to imagine their grandchildren will be the ones to open the capsule!

Indiana History

This chapter of Indiana History is about economics. They will be learning the basics about wants and needs, supply and demand, how we use transportation to import and export goods, and international trade. I have moved our test to next week to give us some more review time. Scores on the last test were lower than normal. I gave tests back and had the kids use the book to make corrections (worth 1/2 point each).


This week, we will learning about reflections, translations, and rotations and adding positive and negative numbers. The unit test will be Monday, May 17 and will cover the following topics:

  • Drawing shapes with a specified number of lines of symmetry
  • Identifying translations, rotations, and reflections
  • Using a transparent mirror to draw a reflection
  • Equivalent fractions, decimals, and percents (from the chart I sent home last chapter)
  • Adding and subtracting fractions
  • Adding positive and negative numbers
  • Identifying and measuring angles
  • Multiplying and dividing decimals

Thank You!

Thank you all for the kind gifts during teacher appreciation week! I loved the flowers, drawings, letters, supplies, books, and gift cards. I have sincerely enjoyed spending the school year with this group of kids!


I was so proud of each and every one of our students during the Famous Hoosier Wax Museum. I know many of them were nervous, but they all did such a wonderful job writing, memorizing, and depicting their Famous Hoosiers.

Field Day

Field Day will be this Friday, May 20. These are the things your child needs to bring on Friday:

  • Please wear a blue shirt. This can be a Jog-A-Thon shirt or any other blue shirt.
  • Please bring a sack lunch.
  • Sunscreen! We will be outside for about three hours.
  • Each student should bring a water bottle.

We will be eating lunch from 12:20-12:50, then participating in field day activities from 1 to 3. If you are available to volunteer, please sign up here:

Graduation Caps

We will begin decorating graduation caps this week. Please send in any items your child would like to use to decorate his/her cap. Items that work well include:

  • Fabric paint
  • Ribbon
  • Sequins & rhinestones
  • Foam shapes
  • Any other crafty items that can be glued to felt

Last Day of School

The last day of school is quickly approaching! This is a list of events for the day:

  • Graduation: 9:45-10:45 - students should dress nicely for the ceremony, but can bring play clothes to change into afterward
  • Kona Ice will be here again. Please send in money any time between now and then if your child would like to buy a snow cone.
  • Dance Through the Halls - Parents are welcome to come back in the afternoon for the final walk/dance through the hallways. This will take place around 3:00.