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Success of the Revolt

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During the Persian Rule, the Jews flourished. However, the Persian Empire did not last forever. Alexander the Great from Greece quickly conquered Egypt and the Persian Empire when he rose to power. As Alexander the Great conquered civilization after civilization (including the Jews);the cultures of people combined with Greek culture to form Hellenism. After Alexander the Great died, the desecration of Jewish faith continued with the following kings to the point of rebellion.


The final push towards the revolt was the desecration of the Temple of God. The Greeks continuously made dirty sacrifices to pagan gods within it and eventually changed it to the temple of Olympian Zeus. Not only did the Greeks dishonor the Temple of God, but they also changed the temple of Samaritans' on Mt. Gerizim to the temple of Zeus Friend of Strangers.

Against Jewish Rules

The king, Antiochus, forced everyone to take part in the pagan sacrifices and practices. He forced the Jews to eat the meat of animals sacrificed to the idols. This including eating pork which was against the Jewish law of Moses. The Jews who kept the traditions and went against what king Antiochus proclaimed were often killed. From the mothers who circumcised their children to the old men who refused to eat unclean meats, the king showed no mercy.

Success of the Maccabees

At first the resistance was individual and unorganized. But soon an old priest named Mattathias and his five sons started organizing the resistance. Although, it seemed pointless because they could never succeed against the world's greatest empire. But, with their trust in God, the sons of Mattathias began to take back pieces of territory. Within three years, the Temple was rededicated by the faithful Jews. This event is known as Hanukkah and is still celebrated today. The pagan kings were forced to come to terms with the Maccabees. Soon, they controlled most of Judah. About 125 years before the birth of Christ, an independent Israel had been restored.

Victory At Last

Because of the success of the Maccabees' revolt, Israel was able to be reunited stronger than before. The kingdom of David was finally restored through the slim chance of victory through the revolt. However, because of their strong belief and trust in God, the revolt succeeded.

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