The Cool Explorers of SC

Mina Harvey 3c

Hernando De Soto:The Unfriendly Explorer

Han De Soto originally came from Spain looking for gold,silver,and slaves. There was a Native American named Pedro who sailed with De Soto that led Han and his men to Cofitachiqui; a place that supposedly contained gold and silver. When he got to Cofitachiqui, he met the leader of the village. She gave him her pearls from around her neck. The village people nurtured the men. Finally, he asked if the village people if they had gold or silver. They gave him copper and mica, a mineral that sparkled in the sun. He became mad and attacked the village and kidnapped the leader. The leader, after some time, escaped from evil De Soto. He never had a successful settlement.
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Jean Ribault: The French Explorer

Jean Ribault originally came from France searching for land Spain had not claimed yet. He also wanted to trade with Native Americans. He built Charles fort, a small village located on Parris Island. Jean did not have a successful settlement.
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Juan Pardo:The Semi-Evil One

Juan Par do originally came from Spain. He wanted to burn down Charles fort and trade with the Native Americans. He built Santa Elena in the place of Charles fort. Santa Elena still stands today. Juan had a successful settlement.
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WIlliam Hilton: The Motivated One

William originally came from Barbados looking for land with good soil, rivers, and trees. Will needed land with good soil to harvest crops. He needed land with rivers to sail boats on to send the crop to market in England. He needed land with trees to build boats and houses. Eventually, he found the land he was looking for; Carolina. Will did have a successful settlement.
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Henry Woodward: The Communicater

Henry Woodward originally came from England on a boat to explore the Carolina coast. Henry made friends with the Native Americans and started the fur trade. He was given rice seeds to plant when he got back and while he was at the Carolina coast. Henry also stayed on land for a while to tell Native Americans about his culture. The Native Americans also told him about their culture too. Henry sailed back and planted the rice seeds he was given. Henry did have a successful settlement.
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