Wildcat Weekly

Week of October 9

THE BIG 4: Targets for 2017-2018

  • Instructional Technology
  • Personalized Learning
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Making Connections

Close to 60 written observations completed and shared and there are some awesome things going on in the classroom!!! Keep up the great work!!

CATapult Shout-Outs!!!

Thanks to EVERYONE for the OUTSTANDING participation in CATapult in September!!! We had the following results:

19 certified staff members at the white level (2pts)

65 certified staff members at the blue level (3-4 pts)

22 certified staff members at the BADGE level!!!!!

This is a HUGE success!! We have many more options in October including a new type of offering supporting our "Making Connections" target:

Cat pt for Connections- Attend an athletic event, drama production, or club meeting supporting the students. You will complete a form at the end of the month reporting your attendance.

Did you attend a student event in October? 1 pt

Complete the form to earn your 1 CAT pt for attending a student event in October. We have many athletic events, play productions, and a book club meeting this month to assist you with this point.


Need more Google? EdTechTeam has the best conferences! They are offering a Virtual Summit on Saturday 10/14 11-5:30. Mrs. Brundage and Mrs. Broome have attended Google Summits before and always come back with great Google ideas. Here’s the link to the registration site where you can see the schedule and sign up. Don’t miss the Demo Slam at 4:30. https://nvite.com/edtechteam/y21l97 Please provide proof of your 'attendance' to earn 3 CATpoints. There will probably be a certificate you can print.

Calendar Addition

We will be meeting for a celebratory faculty meeting on October 31 at 7:45am. We will be highlighting the awesome accomplishments so far this year!!! Plan to attend this meeting in the Media Center. Thanks

Important Dates This Week:

October 9- Exchange Day forms due to Mrs. Aiken

October 9- PAS-T Electronic Portfolio training/assistance during planning

October 10- BUCKET SESSION- MANDATORY(All periods but 5th)

October 10- Google Certification in the MC at 4:00

October 11- Social Media in the Classroom PD- 7:45

October 11- PSAT- Hold in Connections All Morning

October 12- New Teacher Meeting 7:45

October 12- Google Sheets for Rubric Grading (Mrs. Golden 5th Period C122)

October 12- TI-Inspire and Data Collection 4:00 C109

October 13- PINK OUT

Coming Soon:

October 18- DLC during Planning

October 19-20- Exchange Days (Forms due October 9)



  • Testing in the MC on Wednesday so please DO NOT send students or come to the MC prior to 12:30.
  • Students should not be sent out of your room during Connections unless they have secured a pass from another teacher or the media center PRIOR to your Connections class.
  • We will hold in Connections on October 11. We will test on the 2nd floor and the main blue hallway. If you do not have a 10th grade Connections and you are in one of these locations, you will be displaced. If you plan on showing a movie, make sure you have completed the movie request form and made sure group viewing is a legal option with the film. Movlic is a great resource. (library.movlic.com)

9th Grade Connections

Students will report to Connections at 8:45 (classes are displaced because of testing) Wednesday morning for attendance. 9th grade Connections teachers will escort students to the auditorium at 9:00 for their activity. Teachers should stay with their students for supervision. Please avoid traffic on the main blue hallway.
11th and 12th-Mindfulness and Relaxation

Thanks to Mrs. Griffith for the tolerance lesson and thank you to Ms. Marchant for this plan.

Connections Notes for ALL Levels:

Gallup Poll Plan- To Be Distributed Via Email (This will run the rest of the month so don't panic if you do not receive the email this week)


Wednesday PSAT Information

PSAT Training Overview(8 min)

This is a brief training video for the PSAT to view Monday. I will be answering any questions and reviewing information face to face in C109 at 3:45 on Monday. Come by if you would like to preview the instructions and ask questions.

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