Time and Repetition

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What are two necessary components of learning a new skill? TIME AND REPETITION! Whether it's learning to play the piano, how to make a jump shot in basketball, how to surf or how to draw we need practice and reps in order for the activity to become a habit to our brain and nerve system. This concept is known as neural plasticity or the change and adaptations that take place in our nerve system.

The same principles apply with Chiropractic adjustments. It takes time and repetition to create new healthy connections between your spine and brain and to break up some of the adhesions and scar tissue caused by subluxations. In the same way that each time you practice a new skill or each time you exercise builds upon the previous times, each adjustment works towards creating a clearer brain-body connection and healthy neuro-spinal habits. This is why regular, weekly routine care makes the most sense when utilizing Chiropractic!

Brent Vuyovich, DC


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