K-5 Distance Learning Academy

Weekly Update - Important Information

Dear Families,

This is a reminder that NB Distance learning Academy (NBDLA) will not be in session November 23-25 as the district is preparing for remote learning. NBDLA will keep access open to Calvert Learning for students and families wishing to continue their learning. NBDLA staff will not be available on those days to address concerns.

DLA Modifications Starting November 30

One reason why so many families selected the NB Distance Learning Academy was in anticipation of the district moving to remote learning. As you have learned from district communications, all schools are shifting to remote learning starting on November 30th.

The impact of this decision does not significantly impact the students and families enrolled in the Distance Learning Academy. The DLA is pressing the “pause button” for in-person support. We will not be offering in-person support on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The NBDLA teachers will be collaborating next week to plan and address an alternative to in-person support. Details will be shared prior to Thanksgiving on how we will ensure students have access to their teachers during remote learning.

Transferring from NBDLA to Sunrise River Elementary School

Some families may be considering transferring to Sunrise River Elementary School (SRS). As you know, SRS is moving to remote learning starting on November 30th and returning to in-person learning on January 18th.

It is our recommendation that January 18th is a better time to make the transition. DLA students know Calvert Learning and have built relationships with their teachers. If families transfer now, they will be learning a new system and new expectations during the 5 weeks of remote learning. When SRS moves from remote learning back to in-person (yet to be determined) students will have another transition. By staying enrolled in DLA students and families will experience one transition instead of two by waiting until January.

If you still wish to transfer to SRS now, please call Shelly Vixayvong at 651.350.8711 or email her at svixayvong@isd138.org. We will be able to you you through this process.

Picture Retakes

We are currently working with Lifetouch to schedule retakes. Please know that we will not be able to have retakes during remote learning. More information to come.

Family Resources

Please email parentsupport@isd138.org if you are experiencing technical issues

Refer to the Distance Learning Academy Website

Communicate with Shelly Vixayvong (DLA Program Coordinator) if you have any general questions regarding the Distance Learning Academy. P: 651-350-8711 or email at svixayvong@isd138.org

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break

David S. Treichel

Principal - Distance Learning Academy

Principal - Norse Area Learning Center

Director of Teaching and Learning