Elements of Fiction

By Kaira Richey

The book "War Of The Worlds"

was written in 1897 . Also was made into a movie, mainly about alien robots coming back to earth from a lighting bolt that has hit a ground at the same spot more then once brought the robots energy to come back too life. They come up and destroy anything that's in there way. The army and people must go somewhere safe and defeat the aliens and robots.


Plot is a series of related events that make up a story or drama.

The conflict if this book is about this man, who lives alone in town, his two children came too visit him and too stay with him for a wile. He has a little girl, and a 17 year old son. The man(dad) went to take go play catch with his son in the Backyeard and the wind was blowing towards the storm, then five bolts lighting hits down at different times on the same spot. Everyone goes and checks it out, the rocks are freezing cold. He energy from the lighting brought down Aliens to program a robot, they get up and try too take over.



Setting is the time and place of a story or play.

Example : the story takes place in the small towns found in the countryside of England. ... ends up there in the end of the book, where he finds the Martians dead of disease.


Theme is central idea of work of literature.

In many other books, this would be the climax: a war starts and your side loses. But in "The War of the Worlds", this is just a complication. For the narrator and his brother, the army's loss against the Martians basically means they have to get the heck out of town. As they run, they pick up some companions. That is, the narrator picks up the artilleryman and then the curate, while the narrator's brother picks up the Elphinstones. Now, when you're trying to run away and hide, meeting someone new can be a real complication. For one thing, now you have to find a place big enough to hide you and your traveling companion.


Mood/Tone is attitude a writer takes toward a subject, a character, or the audience. Mood is a story's atmosphere of the feeling it evokes.

Example: The stated intention of the novel is to set out an exacting narration of the events concerning the Martian invasion. This has lead to a pervading mood of solemnity and intensity, as the narrator sees his surroundings destroyed and people meet gruesome deaths. Though he tries to keep a sense of logic and order in his life, emotion often comes out strongly. There is also a sense of helplessness occasionally, as attempts to stop the Martians fail.

Point and view

Point of view is vantage point from which a writer tells a story.

Example: The book is predominately told from the 1st person's point of view as a recounting of events. This takes away something of the wonder over how the book will end since it is known from the start that the narrator is writing about the events of six years ago so he clearly survives. However, since the narrator is not named, this adds universality to his story, making it easier to identify with him. So while the reader knows that he will survive in the end, he feels for him more strongly-the end is less intense, but the events leading up to it are more powerful.