The Bear Necessities

April 5, 2019

ESY Student List

As you are meeting with families and determining what children qualify for ESY, make sure to record their information on the follow document. Named 2019 ESY

Staff Additions:

We will be posting and hiring a full time SLP and full time COTA (Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant) position for the 2019-2020 school year.

We will also be adding two additional special programs paraprofessionals for the 2019-2020 school year. Our population has grown, our staff has not. These positions will post soon.

Replacing Staff:

We currently have the following positions being posted:

Title paraprofessional (MLE location)

ECSE paraprofessional (STARS)

ECSE paraprofessional (Blended)(WLE and GBEEC)

Head Start positions are still under discussion.

Special Education Team Reminders

April 8th is the beginning of Sped Team Mtgs. These meetings cost us therapy time and sub costs, but we hope the pay off is high. Make sure to pack a lunch and plan to work through lunch. You need to assign a time keeper for your group. We have added one more day, but anything not finished will be finished on your own time. Please be respectful to the teacher going last on your day and keep on time. This is not the time to discuss major behavior, etc...this is the time to mark progress and determine if further discussion is needed on a student (to take place at another time).

The link to the document: THERE HAVE BEEN CHANGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Early Learning Expansion

We have had our first meeting. We will be staying with the previous recommendations. The abbreviated version is that we will recommend a model that includes another Early Education Center, half day programs, four days a week. We will be editing due to funding and other changes. We hope to have this to the board prior to fall.

Preschool Roundup

We tried this event last year, but due to the many unique ways we offer early learning in Lee’s Summit, we have chosen not to offer this again this year.

Conscious Discipline, next Thursday

Please feel free to share this information with anyone you feel could really benefit!

Staff Meeting next Friday

Is at Stansberry Leadership plan accordingly to arrive on time. When you walk in the front door, a big screen is on your left, it will confirm the room we are in.

Middle School Team working on possible 6th to middle school, see talking points from the team

Sixth Grade to Middle School Study Team

Talking Points as of 3/17/2019

The Sixth Grade to Middle School Study Team has been working and has met on the following dates: February 22, March 6, March 27, and are scheduled to meet throughout April and May.

To date there are no decisions or pre-conceived approaches regarding the following:

  • Philosophical stance on the topic

  • Plan to build a fourth middle school

  • Plan to move sixth grade to current middle schools

  • Plan to remain status quo

The team is:

  • Establishing and meeting with commitment to team norms

  • Exploring current facilities needs, realities, and implementation needs

  • Looking at research and professional literature on the topic

  • Touring current middle schools and being present during team meetings surrounded by middle school students so the team remains mindful of the focus of the work

  • Considering facilities and middle school program plans from other school districts

  • Considering the needs of the adolescent learner and seeking to allow these needs to drive any recommendation to the CFMP Team and Board of Education

  • Actively gathering questions and concerns on the topic (within the team and with additional stakeholders over the course of the team’s work)

  • Beginning to review programming needs of the middle school for adolescent learners

  • Future ready learning opportunities for facilities relative to CFMP have been discussed (physical plan needs / redesign opportunities)

  • Team is looking at what is best for this age group of students relative to their social/emotional needs of students and how programming can support these needs

  • Considering staffing implications and understanding staffing needs at both elementary and middle school

  • Seeking to understand certification details associated with the Human Resource potential impact of a recommendation

  • Planning for feedback gathering of various stakeholder groups (sample sizes and potentially larger scale)

  • A Thought Exchange has been planned and will be conducted in early April with appropriate elementary and middle school staff

Our Week:

We appear to be here most of the time!! Woohoo