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Bisbee is a small old city in Cochise County, Arizona.The old settled look and lifestyle of this city draws attention of many travellers. It offers travellers a unique blend of creativity, romance and adventure all packed up in the majesty of the Old West. The Victorian Era touch and the European styled homes offer you more than pleasing relaxation. Every year they come here to relax and enjoy a week to re discover the charm of old cities that Bisbee has still maintained. Bisbee Hot Spicy is a store at 51 Main St Bisbee, Arizona to replenish your spicy tongue with all hot flavours, sauces and spices. For all the spicy food in Bisbee you can visit them on any dayfrom 11 am to 5 pm except on Wednesdays.

Products offered

BHS Hot Sauces

They offer you a wide variety of hot sauces to soothe your spicy tongue. The collection ranges from mild taste to those that will drive you wild. Whether your tummy is weak or strong, you can match up any sauce as per your digestive framework. Their sauces do not contain fat, cholesterol, wheat, gluten, soy, seafood, milk, eggs or peanuts. All packed in bottles and flavoured to suit your taste.

BHS Salsas

They offer 4 variety of salsas mild, medium, hot and super hot. Depending on your preference you may select for the salsa packs, they too do not contain fat, wheat, gluten and others as mentioned earlier.


To add the exceptional flavour to your burger or sandwich you can go ahead and order their other variety of sauces that includes variety of BBQ sauce, Chipotle grilling sauce and mustard sauces.

Stuffed Olives

You can even purchase a jar of stuffed olives all packed with various flavours added such as garlic, peppers and frog balls.


To Bisbee Hot & Spicy this store offers a huge collection of spices, rubs and salts.


Their hot and spicy snacks variety ranges from Habanero popcorn to Habanero peanuts to Habanero jelly beans.

Habanero Jellies

Two variety of Habanero jellies are available, you can spread them over crackers, bread or celery.

Gift packs are also available with variety of hot sauces or salsas packed up for the right gift.

Frog Balls

This store sells another unique pack of Spicy Pickled Brussel Sprouts. This is a spicy treat of pickled Brussels sprouts with garlic and jalapeno peppers and is absolutely fat free.

BHS T shirts

You may go around the town sporting your lovely BHS t shirt. The slogan on it says “Be Cool! Eat Hot”.

Hot Recipes

The website displays 3 unique recipes of Chewy Chili Brownies, Hot Spiced Pecans and Cayenne Fried Chicken. For all the spice lovers this the ultimate destination.


You can avail their 10% discount on the bill provided you purchase products of a minimum amount of $80.00 and above.

Online Purchases

Online purchases for all the variety of spices, sauces, snack, salsas, gift items and many other products are also available.