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Maximus Chen

The Archives War

What caused it?

The Archives War is not a true war, rather it was caused by the Mexican invasion lead by General Rafael Vasquez. General Vasquez and his 700 soldiers attacked multiple cities, which included San Antonio, Goliad, Refugio, and Victoria. But don't be alarmed, Vasquez retreated quickly.

What happened?

Because of the Mexican invasion, our faithful president, Sam Houston ordered all government archives to be removed from Austin, for he feared an attack there. But there was an issue with Houston's order. The citizens of Austin opposed that order. They feared if the archives were removed, the capital would be moved to Houston again. Led by Angelina Eberly, Austin residents fired a cannon at the officials who were loading the documents into a wagon.
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How did it end?

As noted, the Archives War was never a true war. The Archives War ended with government documents back in the city of Austin. Nobody was injured, although some of the shot from Eberly's cannon did hit the General Land Office.

What do you think?

Should the capital be moved from Austin to Houston? Or should it be kept where it is? Don't be bias. Do you really think the capital should be kept at Austin, or moved to Houston?

Sam Houston

As you know, Sam Houston is the president of the Republic of Texas. He did serve in both the U.S. and Texas Army. Along with living with the Indians, he did seek to make peace with them. He was born March 2, 1793.

Angelina Eberly

Angelina Eberly was born on July 2, 1798. She was the one who led the Austin residents and fired a 6-pounder at officers. President Lamar and his cabinet did dine at her tavern. She was married to Captain Jacob Eberly.