2015 New Inventions

Have you ever wondered if something will really come true?

Frying Pan

This frying pan puts an app called Pantelligent on your phone that teaches you how to cook.The app helps you decide when to put the next ingredient in. The inventors of the frying are Hurbuto Evans, Mike Robbins, Kyle Ross, and Yuan Wei. This product came out in 2015.

The Phone Charger

This phone charger can charge your phone by any hot or cold drink. It will approximately take about 30 minutes or so for the phone to be fully charged. The inventor of the phone charger is Epiphany Lab. This product came out in 2015.

Traffic Light

This traffic light counts down for you. It´s very helpful because you can turn off your car while it counts down. Plus if you turn off your car that is less pollution in the air. The inventor of this product is Damon Simon. This product came out in 2015.


This pen can scan any color, so if you were walking and you see a flower you could scan it with scribble then when you get home you could color in that color. Scribble can hold up to 2,500 colors at a time! Your imagination can run wild!!!! The inventors of this product is Robert and Mike. This product came out in 2015.
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