First Things First

January 19-22

NO SCHOOL Monday January 18th

(MLK JR. Day)
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CELEBRATIONS this week include our class being selected as the Lunch Room behavior winners! In addition, we received two compliments about our class's behavior during Specials time. During carpet time, students refused to let me give them a hint to help with a difficult math problem, they wanted to figure it out for themselves, talk about GRIT!

IMPROVEMENTS NEEDED include students needing to read at home. This can be to an adult, sibling, stuffed animal, etc. The gap between students who are reading at home and those who are not reading at home is widening! The importance of reading at home cannot be stressed enough, let's work together to help your child be a successful reader the second half of the school year!

January Read-Aloud Schedule

Each day in January will feature one student reading aloud a book to our class. Students should practice these books, be able to read them fluently and with expression. Next week's January Read-Aloud schedule is as follows:

Jan 18-No School
Jan 19-Lathan
Jan 20-Thayne
Jan 21-Addyson
Jan 22-William
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Students have been writing about their communities this week. We also have been studying problem and solution texts. The following picture books were read to help students practice identifying problem/conflict and solution in both fiction and non fiction texts. Ask your first grader at home about these titles! This week's fluency practice poem is also below titled Snowball by Shel Silverstein. After multiple practices in class this week, your first grader should be able to read the poem smoothly and with expression in their voice.
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Spelling Words And Sentences

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We are in Module 2, Lesson 6. Students are learning two strategies to add numbers, to count on or to "make ten" to add. Students are becoming much more efficient at this over the week. The picture below shows a very simplified explanation of this concept. To see an in-depth explanation, please follow the link to our curriculum page.
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The week of January 19-22 is an ORANGE week, specials are as follows:
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