All about Alfred Noyes

By: Jordyn Foote

Alfred's life

Alfred Noyes was a playwright, storywriter, and an english poet, he was most popular for ballads, "The Highwayman" and "The Barrel-Organ". Alfred was born on September 16 1880 in Wolverhampton, England. His mother and father were Alfred and Amelia Adams Noyes. At 4 years old Alfred and his parents moved to Aberystwyth, Wales, 14 years later Alfred left for Exeter College, Oxford for his degree. Unfortunately he didn't get it because on the day of his finals he arranged a meeting with a publicist for his poem, The Loom of Years. Through 1903 to 1913 he made 5 volumes of poems.

Alfred's life continued

Alfred's first wife was Garnett Daniels in 1907 but after their journey together Garnett died in 1926. Alfred was a pacifist which means he hates violence and was against the war,he decided to express his hatred in a poem. A poet critic,Helen Bullis, thought it was "remarkable" , "passionate and inspiring". The year after his wife died he married Mary Angela Nee' Mayne, that had 3 children named Hugh, Veronica, and Margaret. Alfred's last poem was the Ballade of the Breaking Shell. He wrote it May 1958 which was only a month away from his death.

Present day connection

Alfred's poems are still used till this day. People read his most famous poems "The Highwayman" and "The Barrel-Organ". Sometimes it's for entertainment or for a school project. His poems have been loved for centuries.

A few pictures that represent Alfred Noyes

Fun facts

5 facts

1.The Highwayman was voted the nations 15th favorite poem.

2.During World War 1 Alfred was debarred by defective eyesight.

3.He died at age 77.

4.His first wife was the daughter of US Army Colonel Bryon Daniels.

5.His first visit to America was February 1915.


I'm sure Alfred's poems changed many peoples life's.

And he probably influenced many people with his amazing poems.

From sunrise to sunset Alfred had worked his but of to entertain other people.


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