New Freedom Man

Reduce work hours or tariffs and rout government corruption.

Woodrow Wilson

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History Behind "New Freedom Man"

During Wilson's campaign, he declared promises during his speeches. His speeches and promises integrated as his platform which was named New Freedom.

Arch Enemy: "Malevolent Monopoly"


1) Allows one set price (overpriced)

2) Reduces innovation

3) Reduces competition

4) Restricts choices for consumers

5) Becomes less efficient overtime

Sidekick: "Monopoly Eliminator"

Henry Demarest Lloyd

  • Wrote Wealth Against Commonwealth in 1894
  • Shed light on how the Standard Oil Company's use of monopoly was wrong
  • His exposes portrayed the abuse of industrial monopolies

Wilson's Superpowers

1. Federal Trade Act (1914)

-Set up the Federal Trade Commission to find and stop unfair and illegal business practices.

2. Clayton Antitrust Act (1914)

-Stated certain businesses illegal (interlocking directorates, trusts, horizontal mergers)