Underwater Exploration

Most Historical Event, Titanic

Titanic is Found

On September 1,1985 A guy named Dr. Robert Ballard and the help of a little tiny robotic submarine named Jason found the titanic. This was the most famous shipwreck in modern history. The titanic was found 3,810 meters down, and about 375 miles off the coast of Newfoundland in Canada. On day two of looking for the titanic it was successful after the battery failure they had. When they hit the iceberg that killed 1,500 people.This event led to develop on an acoustic device to find objects from ahead from a vessel.When it was found it was found in two pieces. They hope one day that they will be able to raise the mighty ship. The titanic was found by using a side sonar and an undersea camera called, Argo. The research Vessel Atlantis ll served as the operations center for the three-person submersible Alvin.

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