#SXSWedu 2015

Austin, Texas: March 9-12

Teacher Professional Development Needs an Overhaul!!!

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Beverly Vaillancourt

Jane Chadsey

What we know works:

Relate - Sustained relationships

Repeat - Learn, practice, master

Reframe - New ways of thinking

"The goal is to set teachers free and make teaching fun again" -Beverly Vaillancourt

Missed opportunities to apply design thinking which causes misalignment between what is meaningful for teachers versus where resources are spent

All adult learners should be trusted to be part of designing the professional development experience.

Professional learning should be built on individual strengths, needs, and interests

All adult learners exist within the system. Professional development must respect the system and the learner.

Core Components:

-Specific Outcomes






Choice is essential to all professional development

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Arana Shapiro

Rebecca Rufo-Tepper

Ross Flatt

W Max Meyer

7 Lessons from 7 Years:

1. Professional Development

2. Capacity-Buidling

3. Collaboration

4. Technology

5. Assessment

6. Iteration

7. Playfulness

You must enable teachers to be designers, design thinking, systems thinking

How do you create professional development where teachers actually design and create ?

Things to think about:

-What are you school's non-negotiables?

-How can you build a culture of innovation at your school?

The teacher is no longer the presenter of information, but the designer of learning spaces and experiences

Ongoing feedback is imperative for this design

The kids at this school are training to be designers and digital citizenship

Week long intensive boss level project (teacher can monitor collaboration skills and system thinking)

Goal was to create a culture where you felt empowered to innovate

They've had students sit in on department meetings to help design and develop games for the classroom

Professional Development: encourages creativity,

Teacher QUEST - teacher professional development

Using gaming doesn't mean starting off with which game you want to play, but focusing on what your learning targets are first

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-I think Design Thinking is similar to the PDSA Cycles we do in our district and in our classrooms

Systems Thinking Tools

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JoLisa Hoover

Patrice Dawkins-Jackson

Teach to Lead Initative

Increase pathways and opportunities for teachers to lead, especially those that continue to teach

Teacher Leader Summits

-There were several throughout the country

-Teachers submitted proposals for their ideas that they wanted to work on came together with their teams to develop their ideas for improving any aspect of education of their choice

Great story was shared about a group of students that came together with an idea to improve the graduation rate at their high school. It was powerful to listen to how they came together and worked through their idea.

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Gaming the System: Teachers Hacking the Classroom

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I decided to try something new on the 2nd day of the conference. Here is my 1st attempt at taking notes on the iPad using the Notepad+ app.
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Dyslexia: Changing How We Think About Potential

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-Mom and son presented on dyslexia together

-People with dyslexia have to work 2-3 times as hard as everybody else to accomplish the same task -quote from audience member with dyslexia

-Look at your students with dyslexia in a different way and you'll realize they're some of the smartest people in the room

-Discussion about assumptions made regarding students in special education and receiving support services. Personal story from the presenter: She asked about what special education support services would be available for her son in the advanced placement classes. She was told that they have general education courses for their students receiving special education services. She had to set up a meeting at the district level.

-There's nothing that anyone can say to make me feel bad about my dyslexia. I was born with it and it's who I am. -Ben Cooper

-I had a teacher who finally told me there were ways to work with my dyslexia. It was the first time someone had said they could work WITH it instead of AROUND IT. -Audience member answer

-teachers made me feel stupid, didn't realize my potential. They thought I was a behavior problem. It was the worst time in my life -Ben Cooper

Good techngology available

text to speech & speech to text

Book share

Dragon dictation

Dyslexia Resource Site

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