Weekly Newsletter

How can we take care of our Pets?

Dear Parents

Coming back to our Pets program, we focused our study this week in the care of our Pets. Children at this age are learning about responsibility and what better way than to learn from our class Hamster. Our daily questions looked at a little of the ways that animals use the support from people to tend to their needs. I'm sure they will go home and do their best to take care of their own pets!

Best regards,

Miss Camila

Morning Discussion

Monday / How do animals communicate?

Do animals have language? - Michele Bishop

Tuesday / Grooming our Pets

On Tuesday our morning discussion was focused on the importance of grooming our animals and what we can use do properly groom them.

Wednesday / Which materials do we use to keep our classroom clean?

Placing obstacles around our circle time might become a challenge for our kids when coming to our morning discussion. This challenge is just a way to help them experience the importance of putting things away in their place and keeping everything clean-up just like we do in our Hamster's cage.
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Thursday / Newborn Pets

Taking care of a pet is a big responsibility, but what happens when its a newborn? Today we looked at different pictures of newborn pets and talked about the ways that we take care of them. We charted our answers on a paper and placed it in the Veterinarian's Office we have in the Dramatic Play Area.

Friday / My Favorite Pet

On Friday we were looking at our favorite Pet and the legs each animal has. Each one made a drawing and tried to write the name of the animal in a pieces of paper. They had the word and number cards to use as resource.

Small Groups

PlayDough Spiders


In this center students had to match the mother to the babies. After learning all about them on Thursday, they were able to complete this activity successfully.

Bubble Numbers

We practiced counting and quantifying in this center by identifying the number in the fish bowl and placing the amount of bubble corresponding. When they were done, they switch the bowl around to practice writing the numbers.

Letter Fun

Everyday we practice how to write our names and also to identify the letter that are in our names. Using letter beads such as the ones we used in this activity, we were able to see a different form of letter font.

Choice Time

Taking Care of Hamster

This week we learned how to clean Hamster's cage.


Blue Out Day!

On Wednesday ISP held the official Inauguration for the new soccer field located by the High School Gym. All the school wore blue to support our community. We were able to go down and play for a little bit.

Important Information

Cereal Boxes

In the next few weeks we are planning a Fieldtrip to a Residence in Cerro Ancon were they have different types of exotic birds such as toucans, flamingos, chickens and so many more. For this activity we need 1 ceral box for each child.
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Child Protection: Sexual Abuse Prevention

Next Tuesday March 17th, the Counseling Department will be holding a workshop regarding Child Protection from 12:30- 2:30 pm at the Performing Arts Center. RSVP your attendance to the following email: Cserafin@isp.edu.pa