Betsy Ross

An Inspiration to Women During The Revolutionary War

Growing Up an Upholsterer

Betsy began her sewing career during her school days.

Her Legacy

Betsy was persistent, determinant, strong, and tenacious through the war. She was an inspiration to all women.

Betsy's Monument

The monument will be located outside of the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It symbolizes Betsy throughout the war.

A Closer Look at the Monument

Personal Information

Elizabeth Phoebe Griscom

Betsy was born on January 1, 1752 in Philadelphia, PA. She was the eighth of 17 children. She was married three times (John Ross, Joseph Ashburn, and John Claypoole). All together, she had seven children. She died January 30, 1836 at the age of 84 in Philadelphia, PA because of natural causes.
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