Analyzing Abstract Concepts

By Reagan R. and Kayleigh B.


  • Preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.

  • A feeling of frustration when people make judgements upon others based on unjust assumptions that aren’t grounded in reality, but in uninformed personal beliefs.

  • Closed Mindedness, unjustification, and unfairness.

  • This concept means a lack of empathy and knowledge. It means that people fear what is different and try to hurt and escape what they fear. Prejudice means that people will do or say whatever it takes to feel superior to others.

  • The concept in To KIll a Mockingbird looks like whole groups of people being unfairly judged based on traditional beliefs of the town. You can see it repeatedly throughout the book when the boys, Jem and Dill, don’t include Scout in activities just because she is a girl and they have the preconceived opinion that girls are not as fun because they have to be prim and proper.

  • In our society, prejudice means racism, sexism, persecution based on religious beliefs, etc. People are often denied equal treatment based on their beliefs or physical attributes.

  • This picture embodies prejudice because it shows the white eggs yelling at the brown egg just because he is a different color. Maybe they have a good reason to be yelling at the brown egg, but from the looks of it, it seems like the brown egg is being picked on just because of his shell color.

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-The ability to do something that frightens one; strength in the face of pain or grief.

-Courage means standing up for what you believe regardless of other’s opinions. It is not the absence of, but the conquering of fear that makes being courageous so admirable.

-Bravery, fearlessness, valor

-This concept means facing your fears head on, despite the danger or consequence. Even if you don't want to, you do what you think is right. Acting strong in the face of danger.

-The concept in To Kill a Mockingbird of courage looks like someone being able to be strong even if their pride or reputation is at stake. Atticus, the father of the main character, Scout, has to have courage for his upcoming trial that will undeniably bring pain and ridicule to their family.

-This concept ranges in our society from going off to fight in a war for your country to standing up for your rights as a human. In a current presidential election, each candidate has to stand behind their beliefs to and have fight for what they think is right.

-This picture represents courage because it embodies what the word means to me. It shows someone is being strong. Courage doesn't always come from physical danger. Sometimes it comes from mental or physiological danger.

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  • An act or course of action to which a person is morally or legally bound; a duty or commitment.

  • A feeling of commitment is associated with the word.

  • Responsibility and duty

  • This concept means doing what is right or what is called upon you. Doing your stuff because you have an obligation to it. Sometimes doing stuff just because it is right.

  • This looks like a father giving up a lot for someone he doesn’t know and has zero commitment to.

  • This looks think a person doing something kind for a stranger just because they know it is right. It also looks like someone doing their homework or chores because they have a responsibility to do them.

  • This picture represents a stranger in need is trying to ask people to help just out of obligation. You can tell that no one knows this person because you can't see their face. Someone would just have to help them because they feel obliged. It shows really kindness of someone’s heart.

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  • Lack of fairness or justice.

  • A feeling of corruption is associated with the word.

  • Unfairness, intolerance, and inequality

  • This concept means a degree of unfairness, usually being inflicted upon a minority. It means that a violation of moral code has been infringed upon and hasn’t been corrected. It means not standing up for what is right. It looks like someone causing others pain because it will better yourself.

  • It looks like an innocent man dying because of prejudice. It looks like a sick man hiding in his house because he can’t go outside without being treated unfairly. It looks like killing something that doesn’t hurt anyone and only produces beautiful music.

  • In our society it looks about the same as in the book. It looks like someone not being treated the same as another because of differences that they can not help.

  • This shows how a group of people that are being oppressed. They are not being treated the same for something they can’t help. It illustrates how there is no difference between the two, but they are still getting less money for the same job.

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