Specialist Newsletter

Endeavour Elementary - Week 5

Welcome to Week 5!

Online learning certainly has its challenges and we hope the first week of Essential New Learning from the district was successful. We hope the following activities will serve as a much needed "brain break" from the reading, writing and math your students have been doing. Please enjoy the Week 5 Specialist newsletter from PE, Music and Library!

PE Update with Mrs. Skogstad and Mrs. Marsh

Week 5 Health and Fitness

Welcome to week 5 of fitness from home! You can find all links/resources to keep staying active on our connect websites. Mrs. Marsh’s PE connect site/Mrs. Skogstad’s PE connect site. You can also access our websites through CLEVER. Just look for your PE teachers name on the links page.

Turn in APRIL fitness logs this week. Email Mrs. Marsh &/or Mrs. Skogstad a picture of your finished calendar to share your fitness at home.

(LAST WEEK) Grades K-2: APRIL Monthly Fitness Calendar Grades 3-5: APRIL Monthly Fitness Calendar

Grades K-2: MAY Monthly Fitness Calendar Grades 3-5: MAY Monthly Fitness Calendar

All Grades: May Daily Fitness Calendar

*Fitness Calendars are a great way put daily exercise into your routine at home. Print it off & post it near your schoolwork station/desk. When you need a break, just have to do something on the calendar (even can repeat if needed).

Grades K-5: Physical Activity “Daily Brain Breaks”- UPDATED weekly: Need a recess break or some physical activity in-between at home learning lessons? Click here for a daily activity for this week from Mrs. Marsh & Mrs. Skogstad. Click here for images of April 27- May 1 Daily fitness

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Music Update with Mrs. Murphy and Ms. Caulton

Attention All Music Students!

1) QUAVER CHALLENGE continues!

    1. It’s not too late to help Austin Otto finish his song!
    2. Watch his video here, then submit your lyrics for another verse!
    3. Promotions@QuaverMusic.com
    4. Deadline is May 1st
    5. Yours might be chosen and performed! by Austin Otto!

Week 5 Update with Mrs. Murphy

Hello everyone! I am excited to continue learning with you virtually this week! I have been trying my hand at cooking, since my baby is now just over a year old and eating many more solid foods! I made some delicious butternut squash mac and cheese this week! Have you been trying any new hobbies during your time at home?

This week we are exploring the music of New Zealand!

To find this week’s materials, click on Mrs. Murphy’s Website, find your grade level, and scroll down! Watch the introductory videos, and then choose 2-3 of the provided activities to explore the Music of New Zealand.

Email me and tell me about what you learned about the music of New Zealand this week! You can even send me a picture or a video clip of you interacting with the materials! Reach me at murphyc@issaquah.wednet.edu!

Don’t forget, if you finish this week’s activities and want to keep exploring music, you can find many more enrichment activities for all grades on my website. You also still have time to complete the Austin Otto Quaver Challenge mentioned above! You can even login to Quaver through Clever to access the Student Portal and explore countless music related games, compositions, and activities!

Week 5 Update with Ms. Caulton

Greetings from Ms. Caulton!

Highlights for Week 5: April 27-May 2nd

1) RHYTHM and RHYME in 2nd grade

    1. New read-aloud: Dance poetry that swings
    2. Turn phrases into rhythmic raps AND
    3. Create art with accent marks

2) PSYCHED for SYNCOPATION in 4th grade

    1. Take a jaunt to Alabama and get some motivation for syncopation
    2. Perform syncopated rhythms on the recorder: “BabyShark!”
    3. How fast can you keep the beat? Find out with “A RamSamSam” from The Learning Station.

Find these activities in the Assignments section of your Quaver student dashboard.

Launch 2nd _week 5 or 4th_week 5

Need instructions to access Quaver? Click here.

Thank you to everyone who has sent videos! Check your account to read my replies! :)

Library Update with Mrs. Skosky

Week 5 Focus - Clever and BrainPop/BrainPop Jr.

Many students have been using Clever to access teacher materials all in one location. This can be really nice as all classroom teachers and specialist teachers show up on student's Clever page. Clever is a good website to bookmark for future use and students log in is:

Username: Student Username (first 4 of the last name, first 3 of the first name & 2 digit graduation year)
Password: Student ID

BrainPop and BrainPop Jr.

BrainPop (grades 2-5) and BrainPop Jr. (K-2) are popular learning websites for all students. So popular, that ISD bought student rights this school year. Students can continue to enjoy the videos and games but can now partake in the creative/maker aspect of BrainPop. Students can now make their own movies and activities under their accounts and BrainPop will save their work as long as BrainPop is accessed through Clever. So all students need to do is log in to Clever and click on BrainPop. (I have it saved on my Clever Library page if your student's teacher does not). It should log them right in! Note there is a small lag while Clever and BrainPop talk to each other so remind students to be patient while it loads! I just completed a workshop on BrainPop (can you tell??) so please feel free to email me with any questions!

Thank you for Reading!