J. Davis


Christians only beleive in one god, who is Jehovah. There holy books are called the old testament and the new testament and there religon's comen figure or, Prophets is Abraham. There religon is based off the teachings of Jesus Chirist, and he is a part of the Triny. The Triny is the belive of the Christians that God is split up in to three parts. The Father, The Son{ Jesus Chirist}, and The Holy Sprit. They worship and read all of these in there place of worship, a Church, they usallity only go on sundays. During Church, which is lead by a preist or worship leader but, they Do communen regularily where they drick the blood and body of Jesus[fake]. Some times they baptise, dip someones head in holy water and blese whoever was diped. They also have holidays, one of them is Rosh Hashanah it's the start of the jewsh new year Yom Kippur is the day of atonment is the day of repedece and forgivness. Passover was when the Israls escape from aceint eygipt.