Welcome Freshmen

Surviving English 9

Welcome to a new year!!

Hi everyone welcome to your Freshmen year. My name is Jawna Fobes and I'm going to talk to you about how to survive English 9. Even though English in the past have made you stress over so many things like book reports to essays and poems. This class, however, does not. You might stress over some projects you do and reading the books you have to but overall it is not stressful. I think you all will love this class because I know I did. It was so much fun! I loved reading different types of books and that's exactly what you do.

Short Stories

Short stories were in the very beginning of the year. There are a few I didn't like but a lot of them I did. All of the stories kept you wondering what's going to happen now. They have many life lessons that you can learn from. Most importantly they might take forever to finish, but they are really interesting.

Romeo and Juliet

It is always the best thing to have funny people in your class while reading love stories. Especially if that person hates the idea of love. They seem to have the best comments and make everything seem so interesting. Encourage the people you know are funny to say something and be funny. Mrs. Allen loves when people are funny.


The book Monster had so many good parts. I liked this book because it had a different type of format. It went from him writing in his journal to a script writing. It was also really fun to act out when we got to read out of it. I think you all will enjoy the book just like I did.


Honestly poetry is not my favorite thing in this universe. It's not even close. Poetry with Mrs. Allen is really fun. We do so many projects it gets stressful a little bit but it is fun. She makes poetry really fun because she doesn't like poetry either.

Independent Reading and Book Talks

Here are a few tips to get through the independent reading:

  • keep your books with you at all times
  • Don't wait until last minute to read your book
  • Actually read the book
  • Plan ahead and know when you are going to do your book talk
  • Always read when you have time to
How I survived book talks:

  • Don't be nervous. It is only her nobody else.
  • you don't have to worry about talking in front of the class

What I like most about English 9

I like the stories we read and some of the projects we did. We watched a lot of movies with the books we read. I liked how she gives the answers to you when you ask. Of course not on tests but with the study guides. I also loved how we always messed around from the time the class starts to end. She also loves to stay on track, that is one thing I love.

What I did not like so much about English 9

No matter who the teacher is I will always hate poetry. It is just boring to me. Another thing I do not like is Edmodo. It get's annoying with the notifications. Hunger Games was boring because I already knew what happened. Some projects kind of drove me insane.

My Advice

My number one advice for all of you is to stay organised. If you stay organised it will not take you two days to organize your binders for the binder checks. Also pay attention. I know some classes are boring but if you pay attention in her class you will get all the answers. If you fall asleep in her class you will be on her bad side. Nobody likes being on the bad side of teachers. If you are having trouble in her class there is no shame in asking her for help. She is really easy to talk to and get along with so she will be more than happy to help you with anything.

Top 5 Ways to Stay Organnized

  1. Listen to her when you get all of your papers back. She will always tell you what section they belong in.
  2. Don't wait last minute to organize your binder.
  3. Always put the section number at the top of your paper when you get it back.
  4. When you get the checklist check it twice to make sure you have everything.
  5. Keep everything with the right section
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