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By: Jakob Budnik

President Houston Tries To Move National Archives To Houston

President Houston just tried to move the national archives from Austin to Houston. Many people did not like this, especially Angelina Eberly. She said "This is an outrage, this is where they were originally put and this is where they shall stay." President Houston countered with "The archives will be much safer in Houston if we get invaded by Mexico again." After that Eberly led a group of people and attacked some officials that were moving the documents from Austin. Houston sent military troops to stop the fighting. The citizens of Austin thought that President Houston was trying to move the capital back to Houston. President Houston did all that he could to convince the citizens of Austin that it was the right thing to do.

How It Started

It was many days later before it finally ended. The archives were eventually returned back to Austin, where the citizens believed it should always stay. It all started when Mexican leaders sent raids into Texas (Mexico still did not recognize Texas independence). This caught the attention of President Houston. He ordered the archives and documents kept in Austin to be moved to Houston. Once there they can be properly protected. This also is what caused the panic in Austin. That is how this little skirmish that is so called the Archives War went down.


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