Canada in 2050

What is Canada going to look like in 2050?


Canada is the best country in the world to settle in. Lots of people live here because there are better jobs opportunities, good economy, diverse country, safe and secured, peaceful and a rich nation with a democratic government, free and good medical care and many more. As people make themselves a home, the population expands. The economy grows and the land will get smaller. Right now Canada is at stage 4 on the demograqphic transition model. Throughout the flyer, I am going to predict Canada's future. How will Canada look like in 2050. What stage will Canada be at. What is going to happen to the population. The immigrants. The aboriginals.

General Canadian Population

By 2050, the population is expected to be approximately 40 million. I think the population will increase through immigrants. I think the Canadian economy will be depending on immigrants to help increase the population since families in Canada are having fewer kids. In the next few years the population will expand dramatically as more skilled immigrants migrate. After the baby boomer retirement, there are more jobs available, attracting immigrants from all over the globe. Birth rate will stay low and death rate will be stable. Canadians who live here won’t have a lot of contribution towards helping the population to grow. In the coming years, Canada will have a population that is getting older due to baby boomer retirement. After the baby boomer retirement, Canada's birth rate decreased and the death rate is stable, which means in the next decades there will be a huge natural decrease in population. Women are educated and will have fewer kids. Also, as living cost increases, couples will have few kids due to all the expenses. Death rate will stay stablefor a long time since now we have better health care, better nutrition, industrialized economy and more. In 2050, Canada will face problem if we have an aging population. I think Canada will be at stage 5 on the demographic transition model in 2050. There will be very low birth rate since now there smaller families causing aging population, stabilized death rate and population decline as the birth rate is below death rate.


I think in 2050 there won’t be a big amount of aboriginal population but they’re still going to be there. Over the past years and years, 10 aboriginal languages has become extinct. Today, in many aboriginals tribes, English has become their first language and their tribal language is becoming their second language. As their language becomes extinct, I think aboriginals might forget their custom and traditions as well. In the past few years Natives moved to the urban side to get education and some serious good medical care. Compared to the general Canadian population have an increase risk of death from alcoholism, homicide, suicide and pneumonia by 10%. Health care in reserves are very poor and 31% of aboriginals many not be treated. Canadian aboriginal die earlier than the Canadians. Aboriginals need to get better medical care or they’re can be death cause.


Immigrants will have a big role in the Canadian society. Immigrants will help expand the economy. I think in 2050, most of Canada’s population will be immigrants. There would be more population of immigrants than the Canadian citizens after from all those amount of immigrants we get per year. Every decade, there has been an increase of 40 000 people of immigrants. So in 2050 there might be approximately more 440 000 immigrants. Like I said about the general Canadian population, after the baby boomer retirement, Canada’s birth rate is low and the death rate is stable and we will come to a point where they’re more deaths and less birth. We have an aging population now, which will give the immigrants more chances of getting jobs. We have so much to offer these immigrants that they attract to this land easily. Global warming will free up northern natural resources such as oil, gas and water. I think immigration will be the only source of net population growth factor, as deaths outnumbers births. By 2050, the population rate will be high as more immigrants come. Every province will have a great number of immigrant populations. Most immigrants settle in large communities and prefer large cities. But as Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec gets crowded, immigrants will have to move to other provinces. That is how I think immigrants will shape in with the Canadian society in 2050.

Canada: An Aging Population