Rowe and Dunn

5th grade- February 21st--24th


Tuesday: Junior High Band visit @ 1:30

Wednesday: 5th Grade Music Showcase @ 10:35. Parents are invited to attend

Friday: Pirate Pride / Regional Science Fair

Lunch Menu:

Tuesday: Beef Nachos w/ Roll Classic Cheese Pizza Turkey & Cheese Sandwich Refried Beans

Wednesday: Popcorn Chicken Big Texan Stacker Burger Oven Baked Beef Rotini w/ Breadstick Peas & Carrots

Thursday: Juicy Hot Dog Savory Meatball Sub Tangy BBQ Chicken Sandwich Crispy Cut Fries Friday: Ham & Cheese Sub Turkey & Cheese Sub Classic Pepperoni Pizza Hamburger Pizza Peppered Corn

Social Studies

This week in social studies we are continuing our learning about the Civil War. We are learning about the causes and effects of the war, we will be able to tell about why the states separated, and what the states were fighting over. We are also learning about how women were involved in the war, and how there were secret spies for both the Union and the Confederates! We will be completing our week 19 newspaper and taking a quiz on Friday!


We will begin Unit #10: Data Representation. Students will learn how to create and read stem and leaf plots, scatter plots, frequency tables, bar graphs, and dot plots. We are in Topic 15 in Envision.


This week in Reading we will be reviewing elements of Fiction. We will read "No Carnation for Ray Fink" in our Storyworks magazine and analyze the characters, theme, plot, and problem/solution. We will also be working on using our context clues while reading and practice using our reading strategies.

Spelling list - Unit 18; will be the same as vocabulary - students will need to know how to spell each word, as well as its definition this week!

Vocabulary - Unit 18; test on Friday! Vocabulary practice pages due on Friday!

Fiction comprehension test on Friday!


In science this week, we will be learning about food chains/webs. This coincides with our unit on ecosystems, we will be learning about how animals interact with both living and non-living things around them. We will be learning new vocabulary and creating our own food chains. We will be making connections to animals outside of our ecosystems and how each animal has a job to do just like us! Students will be gluing our new information into their interactive notebooks so when we start to review they can look back in them! Here is a photo of us working on our last unit of weather and climate! Check back for more photos next week as we work on some activities both in and outside of our classroom!

In Other News...

This week we talked about middle school schedules! Students were informed about what classes they can take in middle school, what electives are offered and how to pick what they would like to be involved in. We also talked about some of the differences in our transition from Elementary School to Middle School, for instance how they are now going to 8 classes a day and have 4 minutes between each class!