Ready Set Summer

By AIESEC in KIIT University

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Banerjee,

I am Nayan Medhi, Vice President, Global Citizen Students, AIESEC in KIIT University. This is to inform you that your ward has been selected for a project to go during summers. The details of the same are given below.

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Minya, Egypt

Minya is the capital of Minya Governorate in Upper Egypt. It is located to the south of Cairo on the western bank of the Nile River, which flows north through the city. Minya is dubbed by the locals "Bride of Upper Egypt ", in reference to its strategic location in Middle Egypt as a vital link between the north and the south of Egypt. It is a fascinating place to visit and consists of all necessary amenities required for your child.

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The project is in the Local Committee of Minya, Egypt.

It is the perfect opportunity for your son to make a travel diary of his own. He will be going all over the city to capture the beauty and create content for blogging. Target audience and media channels will be awed by his excellence of documentation of the experience. Online campaign will be launched by him and other interns while touring for 6 weeks! Through this project not only will he develop adaptability but will also develop several soft skills. Rest assured, your child is in for a roller coaster ride and for one of the most memorable learning experience as well.

Thank You

For any further queries, my contact details are given.


Nayan Medhi

Vice President

Global Citizen Students sector

AIESEC in KIIT University

Mobile: +91 8339047032