Greetings, AP Biology!

Name & School

My name is Kayla J. Malone. I attend the Academy of Richmond High School located in Downtown Augusta.

High School & Beyond

As of now, I am a senior, in the graduating Class of 2015. My favorite subject in school is math or statistics. I grew to love math because there is always ONE problem, ONE solution (or a few), and ONE answer. My dream career is to be an Actuary, which is mainly outlined by statistical calculations. Want to know more?

I plan to study at Georgia State University, but only because their program for Actuarial Science is fourth in the nation.

Why GAVS!? Why AP Biology!?

Being a former IB student, the choice of AP classes where slim. AP Psychology - DONE. AP Government - DONE. Not to mention that I am already physically enrolled in AP Statistics and AP Language and Composition. I had to choose between another history class full of unknown dates, people, and eras, or AP Biology. This is my first course on GAVS and I expect that the course will be an equivalent to an actual class experience. I want to be active in this course!


As stated earlier, I enjoy math. But, outside of school i do enjoy movies, books, and activities. I enjoy Mystery novels or movie because of the unexpected endings. Can't you stand a cliche story? I am not active in sports, but i do participate in singing and dancing.
Nice to meet you! This is only the beginning! Any Questions?
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