Mathews PACE

December 2015

December News

Whew, time is flying!! I'm not quite sure how we are in December, but this sure has been an amazing 1st semester!!! When I look at your children and see how much learning and growing we are doing, it makes me thankful for each and every one of you! Mrs. Pruitt and I hope you all have a fantastic break, and we look forward to seeing all of the smiles back in January!

Progress Reports

Just a quick reminder that progress reports are going home on December 18th. 3rd-5th will be placed in their report card envelopes, and 1st and 2nd will be in their take home folders. Please let me know if you have any questions.

A quick reminder with the grading:

2 = an area of growth. This is just an area that we will continue to work on this year.

3 = everything is meeting expectations

4= above and beyond

Google Classroom

Ask your 3rd, 4th, or 5th grader to show you our google classroom!
Student View Google Classroom - Basic Intro

5th grade

We have been taking a look at landmark cases such as Tinker vs. DesMoines and New Jersey vs. T.L.O to develop arguments using the 1st and 4th amendments as a focus. When we get back from break, we will begin The Stock Market Game, so I will begin to build their background knowledge in order to make good investing decisions. We will still be working on law as well, for we still have our mock trial to delve into, as well as a few more lessons.

4th Grade

4th grade is finishing up their expository writings on the leader that they researched. I am hoping to have the children present their leader to our groups next week to finish our unit. When we come back from break, we will begin with science fiction and our Robotics unit.

3rd Grade

We have begun our patterns unit, which will end with the children making their own coat of arms and writing a poem to go with it. Right now the children are becoming "experts" in a chapter from a book on The Middle Ages, with a partner. They are finding the "treasure" or facts they find most important to teach the rest of the class about their information. They are creating a poster to represent their information, and each group will present either this week or when we get back from break.

2nd Grade

We have just begun the introduction to our geography unit “World of Wonder”. With the month of December here it was the perfect time to discss the different ways we celebrate the month, how different cultures have different practices, yet we’re all alike in that it’s a time for families to gather together, share experiences, create news ones. In talking about the world we read a story called The Nesting Doll, a Russion tale. Many were familiar with the dolls, but not the story. We had a few good problem solvers who applied what they knew from other tales to figure out the ending to this one. We then did a nesting activity about where we live – starting from our home to our world. Happy to say most knew their house number, but not all. They then worked alone or with partners to assemble a variety of U.S. puzzles from 50 pieces to 150 pieces. It’s always interesting to see how they approach the activity – corners and edges, or using the picture to guide. Many did an excellent job and were successful, others teamed up to complete the tasks.

1st Grade

The first semester is coming to an end. I’ve really enjoyed working with my first and second graders here at Mathews. Thursdays and Fridays are busy days for us.

This month as we approached the winter season, the first graders and I discussed the possibility of snow in TX. Consensus: not too good for December. Yet that’s what winter’s about.

I decided to introduce them to a gentleman from Vermont known as Snowflake Bentley. We read about his life, explored some “snow” activities, and are ending the month creating our own snow! Can’t wait for Mother Nature to step in. I hope they’ve shared with you some of his very unusual life, his discoveries and gifts to the world.