Visit to Elmshorn

1) Where is Elmshorn?

Elmshorn is in germany. It is a town in in the district Pinnerberg Schleswig Holstein. It is near in Hamburg. To Elmshorn is 1675 km.

2) How we can get there?

The journey begins in Estonia. First you need to go to Berlin with plain. I'd like to go to Elmshorn with train because then I can admire nature.

3) 10 facts about Elmshorn history

1. the mathematician Hermann Weyl (1885–1955)


4) What to see in Elmshorn?

1. Industriemuseum

2. Konrad-Struve-Haus

3. Stiftskirche church

4. Ost-West-Brücke

5. Steindammwiesen park

6. Thomaskirche church

5) Elmshorn today

1. Elmshorn is a busy middle town within the metropolitan area of Hamburg

2. The town has 49000 citizens

3. It is close to Elbe river

4. It is the sixth largest cities in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

5. It is the birthplace of writer and editor Hermann Schlüter

6) Questions for Elmshorn

1. How many people visit Elmshorn a day?

2. How many churches are in Elmshorn?

3. What kind of factories are in Elmshorn?

4. How many schools are in Elmshorn?

5. Who is the best athlete in Elmshorn?