Teacher Webpages

Login Using Your Network Password... Always!!

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Digital Sign-in

Option 1:

Option 2:

  • Open a QR Code reader on your phone. (I use i-nigma)
  • Scan the QR Code
  • Fill out the form
  • Submit

Today's Schedule

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Today's Atmosphere

We are professionally relaxed in SummerTech classes!
  • Get up and move around when necessary.
  • There will be a break, but if nature calls... please answer it!
  • Snacks, coffee, and water available at any time.
  • Place phones on vibrate mode.
  • Don't miss a call... but take it in the hall.
  • Keep noise and talking to a minimum during class time... Just like your classroom, everyone is here to learn and some folks need some peace and quiet.
  • We won't be getting out early. Note: If you must leave early, do it!! Please understand your certificate will not reflect the full 3 hrs.

Let's Get Started!

Where do we begin?

  • Always begin on your school's home page.
  • Use your network credentials to login (upper right corner)
  • After login, you can move about the district site

If your network password isn't working, try any/all of the following first:

  • Check to see if your password has expired by logging off your computer and back on.
  • Change your password by going to District Tools > Faculty Password Reset
  • Call, email, text Deena or Cindy to enable your account
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What are the benefits of logging in?

  • More pages are available to logged in users
  • You are able to add/edit a webpage

Adding Your Classroom/Portal Page

  • Click on your name (Hello Your Name)
  • Add Classroom
  • Classroom Name & Category
  • Choose a Portal Layout: T-Split A(50/50)
  • Leave Modules blank
  • Choose a Theme (or leave blank for a black and gold Bulldogs theme)

Editing Your Classroom/Portal Page

  • Left side navigation
  • Teacher Web Pages
  • Organized by Department or Grade Level

Class Administration Menu

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Config is not a place for lots of information. It's a place for you to name your class, give a quick encouraging message, or to quickly identify your subject area.

It's located under the black District links bar.

It's located above your editing buttons.

Title: ALWAYS your teacher name. (Ms. Teacher, Mr. Teacher, Coach Teacher, Dr.)

Class Content: Quick message (Welcome to 4th Grade!, Algebra, Wonderful Wilsons, Debate)


Our district no longer requires students, parents, or teachers to become members of a page.


Add more portal pages to your left side menu.

Click and drag Create New Portal over to the left side.

Editing Your Page

Editing Your Layout

Decide how you want your page to look.

Do you want information to fit across the whole page (100%)

Do you want information to fit across half the page (50%)

Try different options.

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T-Split A (50/50)

Your page will take on the "idea", not shape, of the capital T. Decide how many widgets you want to take up 100% across the top of your page. Any widgets down below can take on the 50%/50% width. You can have as many of either as you want.
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Adding a Widget

Widget is a term used to refer to an element or small application that is capable of displaying information. It allows a user to interact with an application.

YOU are the user. YOU will interact with the application to add YOUR information to the screen. Widgets can be dragged and arranged around the page to fit your needs.

Most of your widgets will probably be blank "Text Boxes" that interact with you like word processing software would. Edit often allows you to change your font, colors, alignment, add tables, add pictures, add links, etc.

Text Box
- Blank space to type your message

New Page - Text Box Type

  • Announcements
  • Messages
  • Instructions
  • Schedules
  • Supply Lists

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Editing a Widget

  • Edit Page Widget
  • Edit Style
  • Delete Widget
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Select Your Theme

Choose from several different themes or leave it blank for a black and gold theme.
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Adding Content to your Widget

This is where you add your message and attach links, pictures, and resource files.
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Adding Links and Pictures

  • Type your message
  • Highlight your text text
  • Click on the World in the toolbar
  • Type or Paste your link
  • Click on Target > New Window (This will open the link in a new window instead of replacing your webpage with a new link)

Adding Documents

Open a Word document and convert it to PDF before you begin.

Type your message

Highlight text

Click on the World in the toolbar

Browse File Library


Add Files

Find your file and double click on it

Once it shows up in the open box, double click it again

Before closing the dialog box, click on Target > New Window


Adding multiple documents

Click to Edit widget

Click on Resource Files tab

Upload Files

Click the box to the left of the red exclamation point

Choose the file and double click it

Choose up to four more as long as it stays under 100 mb

Videos may be high unless you convert them to mp4


Double click the File Title to rename to something easier to read


Don't forget to add a Title if that hasn't already been done.

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