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ACCES-VR (Adult Career and Continuing Education Services - Vocational Rehabilitation) is a program through the New York State Education Department to assist individuals with disabilities to achieve and maintain employment and to support independent living.


IEP/CSE planning or other school discussions prior to your junior year should include the consideration of a referral to ACCES-VR so that you can make an informed choice about applying. You DO NOT need to have an IEP to apply.

This program is completely voluntary. You get to choose if you want to apply for services or not.


Four things students and counselors must establish to determine eligibility:

  1. That the student has a disability
  2. The disability creates a barrier to employment
  3. The student can benefit from rehabilitation services
  4. Vocational Rehabilitation Services are required to achieve employment

Having an IEP/ 504 plan does not guarantee eligibility for services. All of the above listed criteria must be met.

Important things to remember if you are determined eligible for services:

  • When you are determined to be eligible or ineligible, you will receive a letter. KEEP THIS LETTER!
  • If you are eligible, services will NOT begin until you have met with your counselor and developed a plan.


While you are still in high school:

  • You may meet at your school
  • Your parent/ guardian will be invited
  • A transition staff from your high school will help schedule the meeting

At the first meeting:

  • Your ACCES-VR counselor will talk with you about your plans when you leave high school
  • You will discuss ideas about a job goal and services needed to become employed

Once you leave high school:

  • Meetings will be at the ACCES-VR office for your area or in a community location
  • You will have to schedule these meetings with your ACCES-VR Counselor


Everything that ACCES-VR does is aimed toward helping you reach an employment goal. Your will meet with your ACCES-VR counselor as often as you need to:

  • Choose a realistic and achievable goal
  • Decide how you will gain the skills you need to do the job
  • Decide what help you need to find a job
  • Figure out what supports you need to keep a job and who will be able to provide them


All services are directed toward helping you reach an employment goal and based on your individual needs.

Examples of services:

  • Vocational counseling
  • Assessment for career planning
  • Assessment for assistive technology
  • Purchase of assistive technology
  • Funding toward the cost of education or training after high school
  • Assistance with some transportation costs
  • Funding for academic support services (note takers, tutors)
  • Job readiness and job placement services to help you get and keep a job
Please note that the above listed services may take family income into consideration when determining eligibility.


  • Keep all appointments with your ACCES-VR Counselor
  • Let your counselor know if you change your address, phone number, or email
  • Follow medical and treatment recommendations
  • Send your counselor grades and progress reports as needed
  • Let your counselor know if you have any problems that will interfere with your plan
  • Contact your counselor when you get a job!
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