Let Your Soul Speak!

Live the Life You Were Meant to Live

July 6-12, 2014

Join Tracy Brown and her guests if you are ready to tap in to spiritual guidance, honor your uniqueness and live your best life! Mark your calendar for this free, informative and inspiring series.

The Schedule

Dial: (567) 314-1330 | Call ID: 7685#

Schedule Overview (all times eastern)

  1. Sunday, 7/6 @6pm: Join us for “The Preview Event” (Various presenters will 'drop in' to chat about the theme + give you a preview of their upcoming session.)
  2. Monday, 7/7 @12 noon: Martha Quintana: Leading From Half a Step Behind
  3. Monday, 7/7 @8:30pm: Cornell Kinderknecht: Building a Bridge Between What You Do and Who You Are
  4. Tuesday, 7/8 @12 noon: Petra Weldes: Live Like You’re Dying
  5. Tuesday, 7/8 @8:30pm: Tracy Brown: Soulspiration: Honoring my My Soul’s Deepest Desires
  6. Wednesday, 7/9 @noon: Allen David Young: Expanding Your Intuitive IQ
  7. Wednesday, 7/9 @ 8:30pm: Janet Carol Ryan: Your Heart Knows the Way
  8. Thursday, 7/10@noon: Trish Hall: Change is Simply Your Soul Expanding!
  9. Friday, 7/11 @12 noon: Rai Jordan: Your Soul is Speaking. Are You Listening?
  10. Saturday, 7/12 @ 6pm: Join us for THE AFTER PARTY (Various presenters will 'drop in' to chat with Tracy about what happened throughout the week + recap the highlights of their sessions.)