By: Ellen Hopkins


In this book you will dive into the life of Kristina snow and her alter ego Bre. Kristina was previously addicted to meth after spending the summer with her dad. She has gone to treatment and has a healthy new baby. After turning 18 she think that a little splurge with the monster won't hurt. Will she survive her now spiraling out of control life?


I recommend this book to those who like page turners. The book is an easy read and goes fast before you know it, it's over and you're ready for the next. There is a lot of drama and it keeps you wondering what will happen next.
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This has been one of my favorite books out of Ellen Hopkins. You really get deep into Kristina's life and you worry about her. You fall with her and get back up with her. This book really shows the struggles of those addicted to drugs and I think it is very powerful and eye opening to read.