Do You TouchCast?

February 2016


TouchCast is a user-friendly broadcasting tool that can be used to create interactive videos, which can then be used by students and teachers. Content is easily and safely shared between students and teachers, students and their classmates, and teachers and parents.

Why TouchCast?

  • Interactive
  • Engaging for creator or viewer
  • Creative way to manage info
  • Easy access to multiple sources
  • Students use a variety of skills to plan videos

Add Rigor to Instruction

TouchCast naturally allows for increasing the of RIGOR of lessons. Getting students to stretch their thinking and apply it to new situations, and working with different sources and perspectives are some of the skills that become part of most lessons using TouchCast.

What Can YOU Do with TouchCast?

Teach the Teacher! You will be sharing with the group what you have learned. Below are some links to a tutorial and some example TouchCasts. Take a look and see what you can do!

TouchCast Help

Click the links below for help with TouchCast.

Educator's Channel


Touchcast at Honor Roll
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Wrapping It Up!