Nurse Notes

Health Services October 2015

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1. Do Out-of-County Forms Have to be Notorized?

No, not if the parent filled out in InfoSnap.

Teachers can get permission to look at the students' out-of-county (OOC) forms in InfoSnap. This is usually a three page print out.

Sometimes, teachers send the OOC form without notary because it is one page. In most cases, parents are not upset to fill this out since they do not have to get it notarized. If this is the case, ideally, the teacher needs to verify that the InfoSnap OOC form matches the one sent home.


2. Kronos- Approving Your Time

TOMORROW ONLY- Approve your time this Friday, Oct. 2nd, due to Fall Break being next week.

Otherwise, please make sure to look at every day of your pervious week before you approve it on Monday. If you see ANYTHING that doesn’t look correct, DO NOT APPROVE YOUR TIME. Get in touch with Jennifer Rice as soon as possible so the she will have time to resolve the issue. Please try to approve by the end of the day on each Monday if everything is correct. Remember, you must look at each individual day, not the total of hours!


3. Immunization Survey- Due Friday, Oct. 2nd!!!

Remember, the immunization survey is due Friday, Oct. 2nd. Please note, when you submit the survey, you will not receive any sort of confirmation stating that you submitted the survey. Please print a copy of the immunization survey from iNow and write the date and time that you submitted the survey. Scan and email back to yourself and save to your computer. The monitors will download this form, along with other required forms, on a thumb drive.


4. Immunization Survey Easy Instructions

Thank you, Susan Benfield, for providing the following information:

Alabama School Entry – I called Ms. Andrea George (256-340-2113), the Area 2 Immunization Manager for Department of Public Health and she said:

· When you go to the website there are only 2 short pages for the nurses to fill out.

· First page - School name; type of school (public or private); school address, county; nurse name, e-mail and phone number. Then at bottom of form click on Save & Continue.

· Second page – Type in your numbers, Ms. George said cutting and pasting would take a very long time. Then at the bottom of the page click Submit.

· Second page ImmPRINT #12 – Ms. George said that “most” schools do not have ImmPRINT and it will take years before Alabama has ImmPRINT in all the schools, so you will be leaving #12 BLANK and do not need to put any numbers in it. You can ONLY complete #12 if you have ImmPRINT access.

· Practice - Yesterday I practiced (I did not submit the survey) and I was able to easily and quickly type in the numbers. To practice you “must” fill out page one, but after you practice on the 2nd page just “x” out of the page DO NOT CLICK SUBMIT. Most of the nurses will not want to practice because doing the survey is so easy.

· How long does it take to do the report – Small school about 8-10 minutes, Medium School about 10-15 minutes and large school about 15-20 minutes or less.

How to get your numbers for the Second Page:

· Go to iNOW.

· Click on Health.

· Click on Report.

· Click on Alabama School Entry Survey (it is the first one at the top of the page).

· On the School Entry Survey for the survey to show up you must fill in “all” the blanks (type in the date, your name and phone number), then click Preview at the bottom of the page. REMEMBER TO CHANGE THE DATE EACH DAY! To see the survey, go to the upper right corner and click the red box with the white “x” in it and the survey will magically appear.

· Print this page, as it will have the numbers you will need. Also you will find Varicella Vaccine numbers, but they are not required in this year’s report, so just don’t worry about them.

· FYI: As you put in Blue Cards throughout the day you can run the report anytime to find your updated numbers in it. Just remember to change the date each day, don’t use today’s date for tomorrow.

Unless you have a 100% of your Blue Cards in iNOW, you may want to wait until Friday afternoon, 10/2/15, to submit your Alabama School Entry Survey in case some of your students bring in their Blue Cards this week.

If you need to call Ms. George, she said she would be happy to answer any of your questions. Ms. George said she did not know Fall Break was next week. I let Ms. George know that she will probably be getting a lot of Survey’s from the nurses on Friday. If I can help you please e-mail or call me (438-7320, or call your Awesome Monitor!

Susan Benfield

Montview Elementary


5. Immunization Cards from Glen Eagles Family Medicine- Important!

We have received the following from Lisa Thomason, our point of contact at the Madison County Health Department for Immunization compliance:

Per Lisa Thomason, we are NOT to accept the immunization cards being printed/generated by the Gleneagles family Practice group in Huntsville, AL,as they are not proper certificates of immunization for school entry. Therefore, if a parent submits a card from this physician group, please explain to the parent that our contact with the local health department has stated that we cannot accept the card as adequate proof of immunization, and that if Gleneagles Family Practice refuses to provide the parent with the appropriate certificate, the parent is to contact Ms. Lisa Thomason at: (256) 533-8766, or by email at .


6. PEEHIP Wellness Screening

Please note that Deborah will be sending the PEEHIP Wellness Screening sign-up sheet when she receives the Wellness packet from ADPH for your specific school.

PEEHIP Wellness Screening POC:

Sonja McSwain RN
Public Health Area 2 Wellness Coordinator
P O Box 1628
Decatur, AL 35602-1628
256-301-6705, fax 256-353-4432


7. Seizure Management Plans and PPAs

Please contact your monitor nurse if you have one of Dr. Bebin's Seizure Management Plans and PPA's. Deborah has been to Dr. Bebin's office and has given them our updated seizure packets but we need to know who all has these plans/PPA's on file.


8. ALL Management Plans and PPAs

This is a reminder that ALL Management Plans and PPA's must be signed by a physician or nurse practitioner. Under no circumstances can we accept signatures by nurses (RN's or LPN's), medical assistants, or office staff. If you receive a PPA for a controlled medication that has been signed by a nurse practitioner, and their name is NOT on the Rx label, then you cannot accept it since the nurse practitioner did not nor in most cases cannot prescribe it.


9. Stocked Epi-Pens

Restock Epi-Pens were ordered last week for schools who did not receive enough. Jennifer has been keeping a list and they will be distributed at our Staff meeting on Oct. 23rd.


10. Mandatory Nursing In-Service

Friday, Oct. 23rd 2015 at 12:30-3:15pm

200 White Street Southeast

Huntsville, AL

What: Nursing In-Service

When: Friday, Oct. 23, 2015 (1/2 student day)

Where: Merts Community Room

Who: ALL full-time Nurses

11. Next Medication Assistant Training February 10-11, 2016

What: Medication Assistant Training

When: February 10, 2016 (8am-4pm) and February 11, 2016 (8am-11am)

Where: Merts Community Room

Who: Teachers/Staff who have been given permission by the onsite nurse AND principal

How: Teachers/Staff must register through STI


12. System-Wide Standardized Wooden Med Carts

Currently we have the list of all the clinics needing the new wooden mediation carts. For those of you who have a wooden med cart, do you have any recommendations for new proto type for 3 different sizes: small, med and large. They are going to add larger wheels, put handles on the side for easier transporting, adding a lip to the top, make sure we have plenty of removable sections in the drawers, fold down table, etc. If you have one with small wheels and no handles, I would like to know also because they can come to your clinic and change the wheels out and add the handle. Just email me with your suggestions.



13. Scoliosis Notification Q & A

Q: Do "Opt-Out" letters still need to be sent home or can we just go by what the parent checked in InfoSnap regarding scoliosis screenings?

A: We still need to notify parents which is usually done by way of a robo call as well as listing it on the school website and newsletter if applicable. Have the nurse mark through any students' names that were pulled off of InfoSnap who's parents checked "no" to health screenings and on the roster write "Opt Out" next to their names. The nurse will then need to send home a referral letter marking the box "You and/or your child refused screening at school..." to these students along with any referrals that needs to be made.


14. LPN Renewal Year

LPNs- Remember, this is your renewal year! Make sure you have enough CEU's and renew by December 31, 2015!


15. Nurse Licensure Card

As of January 1, 2016, the ABN will no longer issue nursing licensure cards for LPNs or RNs as proof of licensure. Please see SharePoint link below for further information:


16. 504 and IEP

Thank you for continuing to let us know in advance of any 504's or IEP's. It is very important for us to know about these meetings in advance. Contact your monitor nurse should you have any 504's or IEP's.


17. Brag Box

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Andrea Thornton's daughter, Lexi, on her first day of kindergarten. ADORABLE!!!


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Deborah's (AKA: GNO) granddaughter, Camille, at her 2nd birthday party eating ice cream and not sharing! what a CUTIE!

Please send any pictures or accomplishments of you and your family to place in our Brag Box to


18. Happy Birthday!

Cat Gawronski- Oct 10

Veronice McMillon- Oct 18

Susan Benfield- Oct 22

Brooke Owens- Oct 26


19. Prayer Partners

Vida Walls- Father

Kristy Ayers- Mother

Cristina Khaleel- Mother