Description of the Place

The Pentagon is the department of defense with a height of 5 stories and the area coverage is 34 acres. It is made of reinforced concrete with a bit of limestone facing. 41,492 concrete piles were set to give the building to support the buildings foundation. Its location is Arlington Virginia. The Pentagon is huge, so huge it has 16 parking lots, 2 cafeterias, 6 snack bars, 4,200 clocks, 691 water fountains, and 284 restrooms.

History of the Place

While the Pentagon was being built WWII occurred making the completion of the Pentagon one of the huge priorities and over 3000 people had to work on finishing it everyday (almost 24 hours a day). When 9 11 occurred a plane crashed into the southwestern side of the Pentagon killing 189 people. During WWII the Washington Metro Subway served the pentagon and several library's were used for research facilities for the military. In September 1947 the Congress passed the National Security Act ushering the single biggest military organization in history.

Importance of the Place

The 9 11 Memorial of the Pentagon is there and people visit it to see the grave of their family member and/or friend who has died during 9 11. It's the building where people work at to protest us from bad people like terrorists or people who want to attack our country. It give jobs to over 24,000 people.
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An airborne view of the Pentagon

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The Pentagon when 9 11 occurred

Events or Trends

In decades since its construction, the Pentagon has become an internationally recognized symbol for the United State's emergence as a military "superpower". It's closely linked to our Nation's National Defense establishment. A hijacked plane crashed into the western side of the building.

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