Playground Equiptment

By: Bryan Diaz and Wade Crile

Define The Problem

We have to design a safe piece of playground equipment for elementary school age kids that has 6 elements to it and is one single piece

Possible Solutions

We would add all the pieces shown in the pictures below such as a fireman pole, a slide, ladder, net, rock wall, swings, and monkey bars. Also, we will arrange them in a safe manner.

What do kids play on the most? (look above)

The most used sets are the swings, the slides, and the monkey bars, without a doubt. therefore these three things will HAVE to be in our park play set.
Big image

Design 1

Big image

Design 2

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Design 3

Final used design
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How could it be better

We could've added a longer slide, and made more space for the rock wall instead of cramping it with the pole

How could it be sold?

We can advertise it as a safe and very playful, especially since the net leads into the monkey bars. This would help children become more athletic from ages 4-11