Include the following in your Presentation:

  1. Map showing location of the biome.
  2. Climograph explaining the average annual temperature, annual precipitation, etc.
  3. Impact of ENSO or La Nina on this biome.
  4. Food web with at least 10 biotic factors including plants, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish. Explain how these organisms interact with each other.
  5. Extinction-Discuss a species that is threatened with extinction in this biome. Suggest ways this can be avoided.
  6. Invasive Species- What invasive species are prevalent in this biome?
  7. Animal Adaptation- Provide a detailed explanation of how certain organisms are specially adapted to this biome.
  8. Soil Type-Include horizons and soil profile.
  9. Natural/Capital Resources- What natural and capital resources can be found in this biome?
  10. Limiting Factors to Biome Productivity/ Diversity
  11. Impact of Humans- How is this biome threatened by human activity?
  12. Laws/Acts that affect this biome.
  13. Presentation Handout- Include a handout for your audience to use during your presentation. The handout should either a) provide an overview of the information you are presenting or b) serve as a worksheet students will complete during your presentation.