Radiant Energy

Switch to ELECTROMAGNETIC. That would be EPIC!

What is it?

  • Radiant energy is the energy of electromagnetic waves.
  • Includes any form of energy that can travel through space.
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In the illustration above, you will see the different radiant energy levels represented by their wavelengths.

Why Switch to Radiant Energy?

  • Radiant energy will not result in a loss of heat during transfer, making it energy efficient.
  • Some radiant panel systems are even capable of cooling by circulating cool water through the panel.
  • Radiant energy has a similar feeling to the sun.
  • It is a healthier alternative since it doesn't carry dust, fumes, allergens, or any other particle from room to room.
  • Radiant heating is completely hidden from view.

How will you save?

  • Increasing your comfort and saving money is a winning combination!
  • Multiple zoning to allow unused rooms to be turned down, and use of thermal mass, the ability of a material to retain heat, for off peak storage can reduce energy bills.
  • Other energy savings includes the overall lowering of thermostat settings.
  • Wasted energy will be directed to the interior of the space and reduce or eliminate excessive temperatures on outside walls and ceilings.
  • These result in energy savings of 10-30% in most homes and up to 60% in shops or warehouses.

How Does Radiant Energy Work?

  • When radiant energy comes into contact with matter, it changes the properties of that matter.
  • Radiant energy travels through space without heating the space itself. It only turns into heat when it contacts a cooler surface.
  • Radiant energy will heat the surfaces of all the objects which are in direct line of sight from the panel: walls, floors, ceilings, chairs, tables, or people.
  • Air coming in contact with these surfaces is also gently heated.
  • This natural energy form can be gathered directly from the environment or extracted from ordinary elecricity by the method called fractionation.

What is needed to install a radiant heating system?

  • Radiant heating systems can be effectively installed on any large enough flat surface.

What is the cost of radiant energy?

  • Radiant energy comes in all different forms so cost varies depending on the system.
  • A radiant heating system will typically cost between $6-$12 per square foot to install
  • Solar radiant floor heating typically cost at least $14000.
  • This natural energy can perform the same wonders as ordinary electricity at less than 1% of the cost!


  • A simple wall thermostat is generally all that is required. It is a big advantage to have a thermostat in every room.

Who is using radiant energy?

  • The Methernitha Community in Switzerland currently has 5-6 working models of fuelless, self-running devices that tap this energy.
  • Nikola Tesla contains a magnifying trasmitter, a T. henry Moray's radiant energy device.
  • EMA motor and Testatika all run on radiant energy.


  • Many misunderstandings have occurred regarding radiant energy. Even though it is a form of electricity, it does not behave exactly like electricity.
  • Wood flooring is a very common practical choice for a radiant floor system. Radiant heat systems will not warp your wooden floors because installations are not much different from laying a typical wood floor.
  • The hardest part about using radiant heat is finding a qualified installer. The installer should have a room-by-room heat loss analysis of your building done as well.
  • UV rays from the sun may damage skin and lead to skin cancer.

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