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Week of December 8th, 2014

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World EYM Centennial Celebration preliminary registration has been extended until January 25th, 2015!! Go to to register. Start planning and don't wait until the deadline! We heard Miền Tây Bắc, Miền Nam, and Miền Đông Nam have already started their plans!! Are you GOING? Let us KNOW!

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"A Brick for VEYM" Facebook Video Challenge

Donate, Record, Post, and Tag your video to PTTNTTVNHK Facebook for a chance to win $50 TNTT Certificate to be used for ANY TNTT National events and products!!

Dare to enter the challenge??

Share the challenge with your friends nationwide!

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Bricks Are Stacking Up, Shaping VEYM's Future

In order to help parents and donors to understand more about VEYM's goals and needs, the "One Brick for VEYM" campaign has been publicizing through various Vietnamese Catholic media outlets (TV, radio, internet, and newspaper) throughout the country. With the spirit of giving, the VEYM-USA invites all members, from các em Ấu Nhi to các Cha Tuyên Úy, and all families of VEYM, to contribute one brick – $25 – to support the education of the youth, expansion of our Movement, and build the Church and society.

MANY THANKS to everyone who helped with the distribution of the phase II "Brick Campaign" flyers. A SPECIAL THANK YOU to those who donated BRICKS online, checks or cash. Also, THANK YOU to those who contributed through volunteerism, Pro Bono Service, Matching Gifts, and Philanthropic Leverage. PT/TNTT/VN/HK is indebted to your generosity. THANK YOU!

Continue to follow fundraising campaign news on

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While apostolic works are a part of our everyday lives, the VEYM National Day of Apostolic Works (NDAW) brings us together to celebrate our call to be apostles. Our first NDAW did just that as hundreds of members across the country got out into their communities, bringing Christ's love to those in need. Participation in the kick-off day definitely exceeded expectations.

The National Executive Committee would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all participants from 8 regions in the first NDAW kick-off day, and we look forward to seeing more participants in coming weeks!!! Please share your event photos and videos to the PT Tntt VN HK Facebook page so that we can pray and celebrate with you and your members as you get out to volunteer!

You can continue to keep up the NDAW spirit by ordering a t-shirt and casting your vote! Thank you to those of you who have already bought NDAW t-shirts! As of today, $587 ($1 from each t-shirt sold) is in the TNTT charity fund that will go to a non-profit organization that is sharing Christ in special ways through its work. Voting for the 3 non-profit organizations has been open. Follow the link to read more about them and voice your choice. The organization with the most votes at the end of the voting period will receive the donation from our NDAW charity fund.

Plenty of t-shirts are still available if you want to do your part to grow the charity fund! Put your order in now – just $6 for a great shirt that supports a great cause! Please contact TNTT Store ASAP to get yours. We still have the ongoing promotion: FREE shipping on orders of 10+. In Stock: XL: 32, L:79, M:138, S:20, Youth L: 53, Youth M: 34.

If you haven’t planned your NDAW activity yet, no worries! December 6 was the kick-off day, but we encourage you to plan a volunteer day for your members on any other day that’s more convenient for your members. Just be sure to register your event with us at, so that we can celebrate with your members when they do get out and volunteer.

Check out the NDAW Flyer & Implementation Guide! For questions, please contact Ủy Viên Xã Hội BCH TU - Tr. Phạm Ngọc Chi at

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Hướng Tâm Lên 52 - Christmas Edition

How does your chapter/league of chapters/region prepare and celebrate Christmas? Send your share to before December 22nd to be included in this special holiday edition!

For questions, please contact Ủy Viên Báo Chí - Tr. Teresa Nguyễn Hồng Nhung via email

VEYM Database

VEYM Database team has been working hard to collect data for our future database. If you haven't heard from them, talk to them NOW. Please reach out to your respectively BCH Miền for their contact info. Here are the team members:

  • Miền Tây Bắc - Tr. Phú Phạm và Tr. Kim Lê
  • Miền Tây - Tr. Quốc Thắng
  • Miền Tây Nam - Tr. Tuyền, Tr. Hạnh & Tr. Nam Phong
  • Miền Trung - Tr. Diễm Quỳnh
  • Miền Nam - Tr. Phương Thủy
  • Miền Đông Bắc - Tr. Samantha
  • Miền Trung Đông - Tr. Phát Ngô
  • Miền Đông Nam - Tr. Hồng Ân

If you want to lend a hand or have any questions, email Tr. Hoàng Công Quốc Huy via


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Family Convention 2015

It's only 286 days away from this world wide event. The last gathering was June 2012, held in Milan, Italy. The stats were 7,000 people at the conference, 350,000 people at the Festival of Families, and a total of about one million people at the Papal Mass the Sunday following the event.

This time, with the theme of "Love Is Our Mission: Family Fully Alive," it will be in Philadelphia, PA - in the USA, our backyard! There will not be any better opportunity to travel to this important event! With little cost and it helps reaffirm the core values of family and brought forth new teachings on the importance of family in society. This event is open for all families: Trợ Tá, Huynh Trưởng, even single ones (Why not, right?) Visit for more info. A package for Vietnamese families is also available through Chương Trình Thăng Tiến Hôn Nhân Gia Đình Hải Ngoại. Click to read it Việt.

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Vietnamese Youth Convention 2015

Are you a group leader or just want to help spread the word? Download Promotional Kit at

Registrations has already began at, first 200 registered participants will get a VYC5 gift. For questions, please contact the organizing committee at


Thank you to the following Chapters for getting your members out to volunteer on December 6, our first NDAW kick off day! (note: this list is not inclusive; it only represents the Chapters that registered or sent us information). If your Chapter participated in a volunteer event for NDAW, please provide your information here so that we can celebrate with you!

  • Gioan Tiền Hô, Huntington Beach, CA, Miền Tây Nam
  • Rạng Đông, Riverside/Corona, CA, Miền Tây Nam
  • Đức Mẹ Thánh Tâm, San Diego, CA, Miền Tây Nam
  • Têrêsa Hài Đồng, San Jose, CA, Miền Tây
  • Anrê Dũng Lạc, Milpitas, San Jose, CA, Miền Tây
  • Maria Nữ Vương, Lincoln, NE, Miền Trung
  • Thánh Giuse, Minneapolis, MN, Miền Trung
  • Tôma Thiện, St. Paul, MN, Miền Trung
  • Phaolô Bường, St. Paul, MN, Miền Trung
  • Anrê Dũng Lạc, Houston, TX, Miền Nam
  • Anrê Dũng Lạc, Charlotte, NC, Miền Đông Nam
  • Lê Bảo Tịnh, GA, Miền Đông Nam
  • Thánh Tâm, Arlington, VA, Miền Trung Đông
  • Anrê Dũng Lạc, Silver Spring, MD, Miền Trung Đông (NDAW event on 12/13!)
  • Fatima, Philadelphia, PA, Miền Trung Đông (NDAW event on 12/14!)
  • Miền Tây Bắc, do Ban Thường Vụ Miền organized. Special thanks to Tr. Hoàng Thanh Nam, Chủ Tịch MTB for sharing his talent in "Con Phải Làm Gì"!

Special shout out to Nathan Thiện Nguyễn, Ngành Thiếu Cấp 1, Gioan Tiền Hồ, Huntington Beach, CA, Miền Tây Nam. See how Nathan participated in the Apostolic Day below!

Nathan NDAW


Feb 18th, 2015

Ash Wednesday – VEYM National Spiritual Bouquet for Lent

Feb 28th, 2015

VEYM Membership Fee Due

Mar 12th, 2015

Sa Mạc Phêrô 12 – Huynh Trưởng Cấp 1 – Norman, OK

Apr 10th, 2015

Hội Nghị Các Cấp Lãnh Đạo – Texas

June 9th, 2015

Sa Mạc Sinai XXIII - Huấn Luyện Viên Sơ Cấp, Washington DC: Thư Thông Báo, Đơn Ghi DanhFlyer

July 22nd, 2015

Sa Mạc Tiberia VII - Cấp III Lãnh Đạo: Official Announcement, Registration Form and Flyer!

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