Do what you love best


Automotive service technicians and mechanics, inspect, maintain, and repair cars and light trucks.

Average hours/Working Schedule

The hours depend on where you work and so does the schedule, but most places tend to work you from the opening to closing time of the shop. If you own your own place then you can set up when you want to work.

Salary/Wage potential

$35,790 per year
$17.21 per hour

these numbers will increase a lot if you own your own place and do your own business.

education needed/skills required

High school diploma or equivalent to get in but if you have more than it would do you great.

skills are thought ate the work place, but if you have some they are recommended and you have a better chance on getting the job

Job outlook/Advancement opportunities

the employment for mechanics is expected to grow 17% in the next 10 years

there are on average 730,000 jobs needed today for mechanics!

Advancements- you can be your own boss!