1-1 Computing in Hillgrove

ICT Programme for the Adoption of Laptop


ICT Programme for the Adoption of Laptop (iPAL)

  • Trial programme for preparation to school-wide implementation of 1-1 computing
  • The programme intends to record the experiences of pupils and teachers teaching and learning in a 1-to-1 computing environment.
  • A 1-to-1 computing environment in this programme can be defined as each pupil having access to one computing device (in this case, a Window 7 laptop) throughout the daily class time in the school.


  • To meet mp3 student outcomes (ICT-based curriculum to engage students' learning)
  • To find out how teachers adopt and adapt their pedagogy to maximise the capabilities of the 1-to-1 computing platform
  • To determine some conditions required for the success of implementing 1-to-1 computing during curriculum time
  • To determine pupils’ level of engagement and motivation with the computing device during curriculum time


  • iPAL was conducted to one Secondary 1 Express and one Secondary 1 Normal Academic class in 2012.
  • School-owned laptops will be made available to pupils involved in these two classes.
  • Case study approach is to be deployed where data is collected through class observations, interviews with the teachers and pupils. Pupils not involved in the programme can also make use of the ICT facilities and additional laptops available for their lessons
  • Sharing of findings for the review

ICT Review 2012