The Bahamas

Miriah Yoder

Physical features

Bodies of water, mountains, Valleys, and Waterfalls.

Some fun activities are: Surfing, Hiking, and cliff jumping,


The relative location: Northern Hemisphere

The absolute location: 25.2 degrees north of florida

types of people

300,000 people live in the Bahamas. mostly British. ethnic groups, Jews and judasim Bahamian cloture.


Some fun and popular activities to do in the Bahamas is: surfing. snorkiling. wind surfing, parasailing, jet ski and many more. some of the attraction to the bahamas is the historys. One history is; The earliest permanent european settlement occured in 1647 in the Bahamas.

goods and exchange rates

has good tourisim, like new hotels, resorts, and residents.

Exchange rate: 1 ud dallor = 0.73 and 100 us dallors = 73.20

human inviernment interaction

usually always between the temps of 70 and 80

good to bring summer clothing