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The Tale of a Snowflake

The Tale of a Snowflake


The Tale of a Snowflake is a beautiful story that teaches the water cycle in a unique and interactive way. Explore the three phases of the water cycle, including evaporation, condensation and precipitation through this fun and educational app for iPhone and iPad.

Languages: English & Persian (Farsi)
AppTalia - The tale of a snowflake (Water Cycle)


Kids Best iPad Apps - In "The tale of a snowflake" every child will be delighted by this app's beautiful imagery and friendly storytelling on the cycle of a snowflake, from water to snow and back to water again.

Kid's Educational Apps - A neat little story that helps Kids learn about the Water Cycle in an engaging and age appropriate way.

Daily App Show - A video explaining the tale of a snowflake app in detail.

Pixel Brain Games

Created under contract by Pixel Brain Games for Apptalia LLC.

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