Computer Programmer

By: Gracie Ladusau

Overview of Job:

A computer programmer is a person that creates programs and writes programs for the operation of computers. Also a computer programmer is a person that sits at a computer and designs and creates websites. A computer programmer can be fun but you have to get a lot of work done and you always have to stay on task.

Pro's of the job:

  • You get to use your creativity
  • They are great paying jobs
  • There are so many different things to do

Best Collages:

1. Carnegie Mellon University

2. University of California

Job Responsibilities:

This job has a few of responsibilities . Some of them are that you have to know how to program, so you can program. Also you work on computer to create programs and websites. And lastly you have to create many websites to make the programs for the computer.

What is the Salary Range:

If you where to live in New Jersey the salary range would be$47,270-$82,800

Job outlook for the Future:

The job Outlook for the future is projected to grow %8 from 2012 to 2022